Saturday, January 09, 2010

Photo Essay: An idle look from Finchley Road

While sitting in the Finchley Road Tube Station platform waiting for my train to arrive, I noticed that the sunset had highlighted some of the tops of the buildings. As they say, all clouds have silver linings. And in a cloudy land like England, man, you have to look for silver linings everywhere and if you are lucky, you find some :).

The reason why I like this series is because it has a set of diverse angles, shapes, materials, colours, along with the sun and shade.

This is one example. Bricks. Fat round silver pipes with graffiti at the bottom. Windows, glass, wood, cast iron pipes, security grills and white pipes.

If you move down, you see more graffiti, deep shadows, the bottom of the silver pipe, white security window rods, shadows of railings on the right.

Panning to the right shows wood, tall narrow windows, exhaust pipes, white drainage pipes and an open window overlooking presumably a small veranda or a roof.

Zooming into the veranda shows a satellite dish. If I was standing there and looking back outside, I would see part of the underground station. With hundreds and thousands of people going up and down daily. Nobody looking up to see people living in those areas. Who knows, perhaps the chaps who live there also use the tube.

And then the roof. At the top, you have barbed wire (what the hell for?), a dormer window, chimney pots, a drainage pipe ending in the sky and a plane flying overhead.

And you have these barbed wire fences with the most horrible image of civilisation, plastic bags caught up in the barbed wire. I know Sainsbury’s wants to protect its shop, but this looks absolutely horrible. And it is a pig to remove.

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