Sunday, January 10, 2010

Photo Essay: A quick whizz through Paddington Station

I was passing through Paddington Train Station at great speed but not so fast that I couldn't snap some pics.

interesting how the 2 end barriers are different shaped. Presumably they are designed for 2 different types of trains, and the one on the right is meant for a lighter train. But do these things really work? to stop a run away train? Looks awfully flimsy to me.

Have to admit that Paddington Station is a piss boring station, it doesnt have any major history, the architecture is crap, the work is boring. Not impressive at all. Damn, even the pillars look like they have boils all over them. And the ironmongery at the end looks far too insubstantial.

And see the roof, boring boring boring. The supports could have been better, but damn, they look boring and dirty.

So boring that even the passengers are sitting there napping. In the cold. And the seats are dirty. 

More passengers sitting and observing the departures board, hoping that their train will come soon so that they can vanish off from this boring old station.

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