Sunday, September 12, 2010

Diya buying her school shoes

Getting tired with all the shopping. Mum got loads of compliments on her lovely lacy dress. Diya decided to buy school shoes which have secret hidden dolls inside them. Bloody hell, whatever next?

The boys are waiting patiently for the shopping to be over.

This is the girl who was helping Diya with her shoes. And her shoes were seriously tatty, they were worn down, the soles were torn, the sides were torn, they weren't polished. And this is a pretty expensive place, Clark’s is top dollar for shoes. Diya’s shoes were £36, so its not a cheap and cheerful place at all. Quite curious.

Here are the dolls.

So you pull this flap with the pink (what else?) tab.

See the doll?

And then you push it back in.


Here are the 2 dolls and the shoes :) One of the dolls is a jaguar with moveable legs and the other is Daisy


Anonymous said...

I think the girl with worn down heels who is helping to fit shoes has just been caught at an unfortunate moment; they look like they'll be nice smart shoes seen from above, with straps across the front.

I am wearing a similar pair of shoes and my heels have worn down a lot more, so they are now almost flat shoes. It looks like one of her heels has worn down more than the other, and that happened to me too, but they should soon even out when they get almost all the way down.

I wore mine to a wedding last weekend with a knee length dress and even got paid compliments on my nice shoes.
I was just careful not to expose the heels so nobody could
see the worn down parts.

Anonymous said...

I think the girl should make an example of wearing good shoes,it is a shoe shop after all. People probably would look at someone's shoes in a shoe shop that probably other wise wouldn't.

Outside, sure wear worn down heels if you want to. I have a good ear, i can usually hear someone walking with worn down heels, sounds different.

My question to the other poster would be, why do you wear worn down heels, or why do you let them get that bad, is it money or something? Considering you are aware that they are worn and your care full not to get seen with such worn down heels?

Anonymous said...

I get the maximum possible life from my shoes for the least money, because money is tight. I've always done so, whether they be flat shoes, heels or canvas.

With flat shoes the upper tends to wear away around the heel, and I wear them until too much of me heel is exposed and too many stones get in. With heels I tend to wear ones with a wooden or plastic base, not the ones with a steel nail; that way I can gradually wear the heels away until eventually the base below the heel wears away until they ate flat and you get a hole right through under the heel of the shoe, usually about the same time that holes go through the soles- I'll keep them going until I can no longer use cardboard to cover the holes, and with coloured polish/ marker you get skilled at covering up, and long trousers/long dresses provide cover if you're careful not to put your feet up or cross legs when sat.

My current shoes were kitten heels; the rubbers came off and I've worn the heels off; the lining of the shoe is now visible through the bottom underneath where the heel used to be, and my soles have several torn/peeling parts like the ones in the photo above but more extensive. As the heels are flat to the floor now, the shoes curl up from back to front and lift up in the air at the front; I've had a few people remark it looks like I'm leaning backwards. I was at a Christmas party where a few people asked me what had happened to my shoes; I'm used to that and just explained my situation and lifted them up to show them the wear on the heels and soles- people are usually kind and undrstanding, occasionally there is a gasp of shock but I can handle it. I never found worn out shoes uncomfortable or hurting my feet, so I 'll continue to wear my shoes until they luterally disintegrate.

blogger120 said...

Hi the last anonymous! I like your attitude. Very resourceful. That is what I call getting your moneys worth! Would like to see some pics if you could? Please send some through. I think you can contact me though here?? A...