Tuesday, September 07, 2010

First publication of my photos

It was some moons back that my amazingly erudite friend, Salil Tripathi, contacted me about helping one of his friends out with paid photography assignment. I was gobsmacked. But jumped at the chance :). Turns out that Aparna Piramal Raje, a journalist from Mint newspaper in India, does interviews with CEO’s on their workplaces with some photographs. Usually they get a staff photographer in India but she is interviewing in London and thus needed a cheap and cheerful photographer :)

So after doing some email conversations with Aparna, it was on. So spent a good 2 hours on this in the middle of London. Well, I will let the article speak on its behalf, she is an extraordinary young lady, very smart and intelligent, very interesting ideas and views. Anyway, it got published here. The online version isn't as good, but Aparna was kind enough to send in a pdf version which is shown below.

The Workplace Strategist, Mint, 6 Sept 2010

They picked 4 of the photographs. Here is the full set in a slideshow in case you are interested, (don't know why, but what the hell) lol. Dont think I have mentioned this before, but last Nov, I figured that if I can achieve one prize and one sale of photographs, then I think I can say that I am on the right path. It will never be a career, but should be a nice little hobby, eh?

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