Monday, January 12, 2015

Aug 2013: The Bodhisattva Tara

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So this is the Bodhisattva Tara.

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She is primarily worshipped across the Buddhist world as the deity for work and achievements.

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Such a serene expression…she was made in bronze with gilding on her in the 8th century AD in Sri Lanka.

 photo 097-IMG_7251_zps853b1a27.jpg

this is usually the pose of the hand which holds a lotus.

 photo 098-IMG_7254_zps90b3a5e4.jpg

the other hand holds a pose which means charity or gift giving. What extraordinary grace in the fingers.

 photo 099-IMG_7257_zpsf42cfe91.jpg

Look at that face, despite the damage, she looks amazingly serene and peaceful.

 photo 100-IMG_7260_zps7352b1f1.jpg 

I couldnt find any description of the head-dress but the caption says that the niche in the head dress would have contained a little figure of Dhyani Buddha.

 photo 101-IMG_7263_zps110970a3.jpg

the feet have been in the wars unfortunately.

 photo 102-IMG_7266_zps4080ffcd.jpg

And the view from the back, beautifully created, so peaceful and serene.

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