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Aug 2013: Writing down the ages at the British Museum

One of the joys of perambulating in the British Museum is to observe old writing. Here are some of the lovely pieces I love..

 photo 01-IMG_7353_zps88643d44.jpg  photo 02-IMG_7356_zpsc175532d.jpg   photo 07-IMG_7368_zpsff43efd1.jpg photo 03-IMG_7358_zps7e25e415.jpg photo 06-IMG_7365_zps57212b85.jpg photo 05-IMG_7362_zps4f24c53e.jpg

Now this is a library that one would love to inhabit. The room just smells of old books and bees wax and learning and knowledge and leather..


 photo 09-IMG_7406_zpsbaed91c2.jpg  photo 10-IMG_7408_zps601ee6d8.jpg photo 12-IMG_7413_zpsa0b252ac.jpg photo 14-IMG_7419_zps4c2db95c.jpg  photo 11-IMG_7409_zpsb65dec41.jpg photo 15-IMG_7422_zps816c1c09.jpg photo 16-IMG_7424_zpsa0c01d62.jpg

And then in the upper floors of Roman Britain, you can see letters written on wooden tablets.  Vindolanda Tablets.

 photo 19-IMG_7434_zpsfc9bb36e.jpg 

Ancient Egyptians scratching away….

 photo 21-IMG_7440_zps3b9f163d.jpg 

And one of the oldest maps of the world, showing Babylon in the centre of the river Euphrates, with the world around it surrounded by a ring of water. 700-500 BC.

 photo 24-IMG_7448_zpsd0de8ab0.jpg 

Autobiography of King Ashurbanipal

 photo 26-IMG_7455_zps362bc63c.jpg photo 27-IMG_7458_zps946e64ef.jpg

a hymn to Ishtar, an older Rosetta stone if you will. each line is written in Sumerian and then translated into Akkadian. wonderful.

 photo 29-IMG_7464_zps51735bdd.jpg 

A letter to King Ashurbanipal written by Urad Gula who is out of favour and is requesting to be reinstated…

 photo 31-IMG_7470_zps77180dbe.jpg 

Librarian progress…So this is a report on the progress made by the Babylonian Scribes on copying texts for the royal library

 photo 34-IMG_7479_zpsa033a774.jpg photo 35-IMG_7482_zps2e0c9bd3.jpg 

this is the famous Gilgamesh Epic tablet…

 photo 39-IMG_7494_zpsb606ee02.jpg photo 40-IMG_7497_zps4060f3d8.jpg

The clay cylinder of Nabonidus from 555-540 BC. Talks about temple reconstruction

 photo 42-IMG_7502_zpsa1d066e2.jpg 

So Sennacherib was an amazing king and this talks about how he became the king in 705 BC and ends in 701 when he receives tribute from Hezekiah, King of Judah. Just read and studied this recently and to physically see the proof was exquisite.

 photo 49-IMG_7548_zpsf396932a.jpg  photo 50-IMG_7551_zps1b366c3d.jpg

this was a jar stopper, certified by 2 officials, you can see their finger and thumb impressions on the top..from Jemdet Nasr Period, 3000-2900 BC…

 photo 52-IMG_7557_zps1df10bee.jpg photo 53-IMG_7560_zpsa55e91de.jpg

And this is a 5 day ration list, same period, same place…some kind of a contract for workmen?


 photo 56-IMG_7569_zps22e4bf7c.jpg photo 57-IMG_7572_zps1680fa8b.jpg



A book-keeping tablet..exquisite.

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