Thursday, January 15, 2015

Aug 2013: Lely’s Venus from four directions

 photo 157-IMG_7764_zpsf7a8b94a.jpg 

So this is the story of the Goddess Venus who is surprised by somebody whilst she is taking a bath.

 photo 158-IMG_7767_zps34882cae.jpg 

This is a popular subject with Green Sculptors was designed for you to walk around to admire her, each angle will give you a different perspective without revealing anything.

 photo 159-IMG_7770_zps5252f8ce.jpg 

What I really like about this is how the sculpture shows a mature woman, with lumps and bumps and all

 photo 160-IMG_7773_zps24afb7fa.jpg 

The dimples on her back are exquisite. I love that area, and its surprisingly ignored by so many women. Its a truly lovely attractive and amazing place…


 photo 161-IMG_7776_zps3cdd990f.jpg 

the slight bulge of the tummy and the beginning of the muffin top is so cute while she crouches on the water jar under her left bum cheek.

 photo 162-IMG_7779_zps78fec20d.jpg 

She wears an arm ornament but nothing else. Flanked by the remote two giant statues from Persia

 photo 163-IMG_7781_zps986713ce.jpg 

the sculptor has caught the fact that the toes will spread wide to balance and the splayed fingers showing shock and surprise is quite amazing.

 photo 164-IMG_7784_zps1774709a.jpg

And then the frontal view, seeing the piled up hair..beautiful indeed..

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