Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Aug 2013: A bronze boy

 photo 049-IMG_5895_zps01778767.jpg 

This was a strange sculpture. In bronze even.

 photo 050-IMG_5898_zps718e81cb.jpg 

Apparently these bronze statues were very common in Ancient Greece and Rome, placed in public places, but all were melted down for re-use for other things like other statues, or implements or making other alloys.

 photo 051-IMG_5901_zps442c5384.jpg 

this statue was found in Egypt.

 photo 052-IMG_5904_zps2b108cf1.jpg 

but the quality of the work is amazing. Hard to think this was made in the 1st century BCE.

 photo 053-IMG_5907_zps0d535bf7.jpg 

The nipples are inlaid with copper.

 photo 054-IMG_5910_zpsfcc4dfd3.jpg photo 055-IMG_5913_zpsfbc2fe83.jpg 

the eyes are silvered and inlaid with glass or precious stone.

 photo 056-IMG_5916_zpsb3483dc2.jpg 

the quality is truly amazing.

 photo 057-IMG_5918_zpsdc8a65d6.jpg

fascinating study.

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