Friday, January 23, 2015

Aug 2013: Michelangelo's handprints

 photo IMG_7583_zpse8311eda.jpg  photo IMG_7605_zpscccf936e.jpg

this is the Epifania cartoon, around 1550AD, black chalk on paper. This is only one of two cartoons (from cartone – Italian for large piece of paper) by Michaelangelo.

He touched this up when he was 70 years of age, but he wasn't the painter, this was done by his biographer Ascarno Condivi which is hanging in the Casa Buonarroti in Florence.


but here are some of the close-ups of the cartoon…how utterly exquisite…

 photo IMG_7587_zpsb2caf496.jpg  photo IMG_7590_zps4bc8dce7.jpg  photo IMG_7593_zps512481fb.jpg  photo IMG_7595_zpscc0947ad.jpg  photo IMG_7599_zps70e6e165.jpg  photo IMG_7602_zps984ce915.jpg   photo IMG_7608_zpse41cfb24.jpg  photo IMG_9671_zps5de3478d.jpg

truly amazing work.

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