Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Aug 2013: Monumental Carillon Clock from 1589

this is such a wonderful piece of machinery. Some fascinating aspects from the little blurb. This was made in 1589. Every hour it plays Our Father written by Martin Luther.

Top layer has Christ and Death striking the hour

Then 4 ages of man striking the quarter hours

then Madonna and Child have angels gambolling around them and finally a carousel shows the days of the week.

 photo 02-IMG_7008_zps79a164dd.jpg

three dials on the front, top is a 24 hour dial, then middle dial is quarter hour and minutes while the lower one is an annual calendar for saint’s days and feast days. This is absolutely brilliant, the workmanship is extraordinary. and that’s only on the front, imagine the inside…

watch the rest of the photographs and admire.

 photo 03-IMG_7011_zps22da52c7.jpg  photo 04-IMG_7014_zps4a99afd8.jpg  photo 05-IMG_7017_zps63908ff6.jpg  photo 06-IMG_7020_zps3a470f55.jpg  photo 07-IMG_7023_zpsb78ff566.jpg  photo 08-IMG_7026_zps7e2cf2a9.jpg  photo 09-IMG_7029_zps6e242f7a.jpg  photo 10-IMG_7032_zps4c1105e8.jpg  photo 11-IMG_7035_zps4af870c1.jpg  photo 12-IMG_7038_zpse0580c1b.jpg  photo 13-IMG_7041_zpsebffbccc.jpg  photo 14-IMG_7044_zpscae0800d.jpg  photo 15-IMG_7047_zpsa77ee0df.jpg  photo 16-IMG_7050_zps90b2387a.jpg  photo 17-IMG_7053_zps35f4f43d.jpg  photo 18-IMG_7056_zpsba321b2c.jpg  photo 19-IMG_7059_zps17746ffb.jpg  photo 20-IMG_7062_zps0666b1f9.jpg  photo 21-IMG_7065_zpsb60537cd.jpg  photo 22-IMG_7068_zps0d97f2f4.jpg  photo 23-IMG_7071_zps74a2dd2f.jpg  photo 24-IMG_7074_zps8fed550d.jpg  photo 25-IMG_7077_zps67d81ffd.jpg  photo 26-IMG_7080_zpsde76547d.jpg  photo 27-IMG_7083_zpsf20d679a.jpg  photo 28-IMG_7086_zps20bb5623.jpg  photo 29-IMG_7089_zps84882f44.jpg  photo 30-IMG_7092_zpsab501842.jpg

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