Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Aug 2013: My Namesake - Surya

this was a beautiful sculpture of Surya, dated to the 13th Century, from Konark, Orissa in India. This black stone is very commonly found in Indian statues. Marble is relatively new and not that frequently used. I guess this basalt stone was much more common and transportation problems would cause issues.

anyhoo, its an extraordinary intricate piece, full of symbols and little figurines.


 photo 106-IMG_7281_zpseffec2c3.jpg 


 photo 107-IMG_7284_zps4b3913ac.jpg  photo 108-IMG_7286_zpsf3965da0.jpg

Girls playing a variety of instruments

 photo 109-IMG_7290_zpsec7ee68a.jpg

some rather nasty looking eyes stare at you over the point of the trident

 photo 110-IMG_7293_zpsf474a3b0.jpg

similar figurines on the other side.

 photo 111-IMG_7296_zpsc72d7667.jpg 

Now there is a rich sensual face.

 photo 112-IMG_7299_zpsa9befc38.jpg 

Milady doesnt look too bad either

 photo 113-IMG_7302_zps22519667.jpg  photo 114-IMG_7305_zps9548d571.jpg photo 115-IMG_7308_zps5597c6c1.jpg photo 116-IMG_7311_zps5c40ed51.jpg

Looks like this should be on a temple as part of a temple facade or a lintel as the status is based off several layers and will merge into surrounding panels as well. Beautiful indeed. Gleams with an ancient patina, undimmed down the ages.






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