Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Photo Essay: Staircase at Courtland Gallery

In a previous essay, I talked about going to the Courtland Gallery to see the Michelangelo Dream Exhibition. But the building itself is brilliant. And in particular, the staircase in the building can perhaps legitimately claim to be one of the most photographed and famous staircases in the world. Here’s a short photo essay on this eye-catching architectural marvel.

Courtland Gallery,Staircase
From the top, it looks like a mildly interesting staircase, going down to the basement. Nothing majorly exciting or eye catching. The stairs are made out of marble, the banisters are out of wrought iron and are painted blue.
Courtland Gallery,Staircase
This is a very old staircase, dating back hundreds of years. You can see where they have repaired the breaks in the marble by inserting another dovetailed marble piece into the step.
Courtland Gallery,Staircase
There is an elevator to go up and down, and then there is a another staircase as well. This photo is a shot looking up at the other staircase. Presumably this was the servants staircase?
Courtland Gallery,Staircase
But the real impact comes when you end up in the basement and look up

Courtland Gallery,Staircase Courtland Gallery,Staircase
Another two views of the staircase, slightly shifted. As somebody said, it looks like the interior of a snail. Beautiful.

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