Sunday, August 01, 2010

Photo Essay: The Hill on the Harrow on the Hill

The Saturday was bright and sunny and it allowed me to check out something that I have always been curious about, what about the Hill in this Harrow on the Hill business? Guess what? this hill was known to have been used for pagan worship. Anyway, I took some pics and as usual, the full slide show with the bigger resolution and more photographs is here.

You come out of the tube station and you are faced with a gentle landscape of trees and the hill in the background. Its still very early spring so the trees are not leafy yet, but as you will see, once the leaves fill these branches, they are a riot of bright green verdant colour.

As you walk closer, you see this lovely leaf sculpture.


The leaf sculpture has flowers just emerging from the ground in front of it, very bright, very nice, two colours, one bright yellow and another a deep velvety purple.

I managed to huff and puff my way up to the top and there’s the view to the north.

This vista is now overlooking the Harrow area.

Back on the top, you can see a fenced off area with a deep water sign. I am a bit unclear what that is, but it could be a well. Damn strange place to dig a well, but there you go. And on the right hand side, under the shrubbery and undergrowth, there is the usual rubbish. Why do people throw their rubbish helter smelter I don't understand, there is a perfectly good rubbish bin 10 feet away.  


Lovely trees as I mentioned, some of them back lighted by contrails from the jet liners flying high above.

Incongruously, some of the trees were planted rather recently by EDS. I look around at ancient history and then suddenly see these rather recent trees. Anyway, good stuff.

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