Thursday, July 25, 2013

Nov 2012: Clicking with the iPhone

 photo 02-IMG_6125_zpsdefaf893.jpg

View over East London on a surprisingly sunny day..

 photo 24-IMG_6192_zps3aa5f8f1.jpg 


 photo 25-IMG_6193_zps74a7d460.jpg 

Now doesnt this look like an angel to you? or a Fairy? see the eyes, the ears, the wings…Seen at the four seasons hotel in Toronto..

 photo 03-IMG_6215_zpsbbb7dd7d.jpg 

I hear and Obey my master

 photo 04-IMG_6216_zps3682cc6b.jpg


 photo 05-IMG_6217_zps506e9b81.jpg 

Lines in the skies and on the ground…

 photo 06-IMG_6218_zpsa015b5e7.jpg

the christmas trees are out

 photo 07-IMG_6219_zps9e5acef5.jpg

unfortunately, the low clouds are also out..

 photo 08-IMG_6230_zpsf919e0ec.jpg

trading waste, eh?

 photo 09-IMG_6231_zps23b34a3c.jpg 

lol lol lol, this was furiously funny ! :)

 photo 10-IMG_6233_zpse892b4bc.jpg 

Trees at work with lights on..

 photo 12-IMG_1217_zps0cf3517d.jpg

Autumn leaves

 photo 15-IMG_6236_zps7b5df8fe.jpg

Right after a charity meeting, saw this board…now that’s not very polite is it?

 photo 18-IMG_6238_zps5e335a85.jpg

Somebody just came back from doing a demo…

 photo 19-IMG_6240_zps35013ccb.jpg

that’s my little princess, lol

 photo 20-IMG_6337_zps7698c2bc.jpg 

now this was the Camel Pizzeria in Sao Paulo…just what's the connection with the sphinx i don't know…

 photo 21-IMG_6341_zpsf7309d50.jpg 

that is one dangerous looking cow, in SP

 photo 23-IMG_6344_zps118a2b1c.jpg

View from the office…in Sao Paulo…

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