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Nov 2012: Seeing dead people, mummies and dancers at the Zocalo

 photo 439-IMG_1824_zpsa3c7b5aa.jpg

I come out of the Presidential Palace and then am faced with this rather extraordinary building

 photo 440-IMG_1827_zps4731a00b.jpg photo 441-IMG_1830_zps5c105966.jpg  photo 442-IMG_1833_zps3d9497a0.jpg

I dont think I will be inviting any of these ladies out for a date, that’s for sure.

 photo 443-IMG_1836_zps6fcf59c9.jpg

A hacienda on the left…nice bright colours

 photo 444-IMG_1838_zpsf9fb8614.jpg 

There’s the cathedral

 photo 445-IMG_1843_zps2ad2393d.jpg 

I move down the side of this red haunted building.

They are all bending all over the place, building on a lake? not a good idea.

 photo 447-IMG_1848_zps8accbee2.jpg

More dead people…what on earth is this? Some kind of a university?

 photo 448-IMG_1850_zpsfdb61ac3.jpg

heh, it is.

 photo 449-IMG_1854_zpsbdfaa0be.jpg 

Moving down…its extraordinary how these churches are leaning off the vertical

 photo 450-IMG_1857_zps27188e18.jpg  photo 451-IMG_1859_zps563af34f.jpg

If you arent careful, you will find yourself seasick.. photo 452-IMG_1862_zps9383a863.jpg 

I move on, hello? An Egyptian mummy?

 photo 454-IMG_1869_zpsf17feb14.jpg  photo 455-IMG_1871_zps3819ec6d.jpg photo 456-IMG_1875_zps161d2893.jpg

Its an Egyptian Exhibition!

 photo 457-IMG_1879_zps6deef796.jpg 

And next door is a were wolf! wearing jeans!

 photo 458-IMG_1880_zps998ed728.jpg 

scratches head…what’s going on?

 photo 459-IMG_1883_zpsee14b6bd.jpg

Ok, so I cannot get into the Templo Majora from here, walking back

 photo 461-IMG_1890_zpsb2c4fecc.jpg 

I reach the square and there’s the side chapel of the Cathedral

 photo 462-IMG_1893_zps8af5c347.jpg

On the side is a model of how the old Aztec capital looked…fascinating

 photo 463-IMG_1896_zps3e126b69.jpg

With some little lakes on the side

 photo 464-IMG_1899_zpsbd8b5fb8.jpg

And there’s the Templo Majora, where I am heading..

 photo 465-IMG_1902_zps1913c1c7.jpg

The back end of the cathedral

 photo 466-IMG_1905_zps0d7159d2.jpg 

With some lovely detailing on the windows

 photo 467-IMG_1908_zps0bfedc82.jpg

I think the tops have been restored.

 photo 468-IMG_1911_zps378bb859.jpg

Looking at the central cupola of the cathedral…the grey stone makes it a bit weatherbeaten

 photo 756-IMG_2784_zpsa44eafb0.jpg

the buildings are gorgeous..

 photo 758-IMG_2790_zpsaf135852.jpg

And then I see a book store…lovely, but all modern books and in Spanish

 photo 759-IMG_2792_zpsf9edcc4c.jpg  photo 760-IMG_2795_zpsed79647f.jpg

Some dancers preparing for their show….dont have time…otherwise I would have loved to wait and see this.

 photo 761-IMG_2798_zps555467b1.jpg 

More views of the old Spanish architecture..

 photo 762-IMG_2802_zps4619310f.jpg 

Closeup of the doors to the cathedral

 photo 763-IMG_2804_zps84907ec3.jpg  photo 764-IMG_2808_zpse3087c73.jpg photo 765-IMG_2810_zps921ca30e.jpg photo 766-IMG_2815_zps332e467c.jpg

This was some kind of a religious ceremony that the chap was doing with those branches. Not sure what this was all about. I wonder if I should go in there or will I end up pregnant or something?  photo 767-IMG_2816_zps48f1681f.jpg

Looking back at the Zocalo..with the Presidential Palace on the left and those lovely rickshaws in green…lovely design..But enough already, I head into the Templo Majora.

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