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Nov 2012: Walking the streets of Sao Paulo


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I reached Sao Paulo (SP) by the afternoon after Mexico and then dropped off my luggage at the hotel and went off for a walk.

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Its a very modern area, all steel and glass.

 photo 055-IMG_3297_zps190566cb.jpg

the area in front of the hotel was very clean

 photo 056-IMG_3301_zpsbaa248a1.jpg

interestingly, on a sunday, when I landed, one track of the road is given over to bicycles. Quite interesting and I love the idea of weekends having reservations for cyclists.

 photo 057-IMG_3303_zps5c5b2298.jpg  photo 060-IMG_3313_zps062a5a10.jpg photo 058-IMG_3306_zps66ff4889.jpg photo 059-IMG_3310_zps90f4d856.jpg photo 062-IMG_3318_zps7c2ac03f.jpg photo 063-IMG_3321_zps46071793.jpg

very functional

 photo 064-IMG_3324_zpsa26ae463.jpg

Wow, there are similar poles in India but gosh they are so well arranged!

 photo 065-IMG_3329_zps8dfff3a1.jpg  photo 066-IMG_3331_zpsf7c02aeb.jpg

a view of the hotel…sharp edges :)

 photo 070-IMG_3343_zps8c76e618.jpg

quite a clean city…still, Sunday presumably isn't the garbage collection day..

 photo 073-IMG_3351_zps8182a198.jpg  photo 075-IMG_3358_zps043a77a6.jpg

50 kms usually other than domingo when its 40? and the traffic cones for the bike tracks..

 photo 077-IMG_3363_zps6368eb77.jpg  photo 079-IMG_3369_zpsd820fa9e.jpg

Nice looking lady and hellooooo!!!

 photo 083-IMG_3381_zpscd324431.jpg

Nice roof, with a helipad on top. SP has one of the highest rates of personal helicopters in the world.

 photo 088-IMG_3396_zps940dc58d.jpg

There’s one

 photo 084-IMG_3385_zps156f54ca.jpg

More electricity cables.

 photo 085-IMG_3387_zps358d0016.jpg 

nice, it looks like the building is veiled..


 photo 089-IMG_3404_zps52b05f74.jpg 

I love these little phone booths..

 photo 090-IMG_3405_zpse240a89c.jpg 

more electricity poles. I cant get over how wonderfully they have been arranged

 photo 093-IMG_3414_zps8523de1e.jpg  photo 098-IMG_3429_zpsb2fc6e89.jpg

More like it, the old media view of favelas, I wouldn't dive down that street..With somebody sleeping it off.

 photo 096-IMG_3423_zpsfa4721c6.jpg 

some graffiti, not sure what it says.. photo 099-IMG_3433_zps36fa59bb.jpg


 photo 101-IMG_3438_zps06dc471b.jpg  photo 111-IMG_3471_zps59a88037.jpg

more stark buildings..

 photo 103-IMG_3444_zps69810cf1.jpg 

that’s more like it…this is less blocky

 photo 104-IMG_3448_zps59d432b2.jpg  photo 106-IMG_3453_zps3b2119e1.jpg

Low cloud cover and a plane emerging..

 photo 108-IMG_3460_zps1537e97d.jpg

I come to a park, the parque do povo

 photo 109-IMG_3462_zps27554a81.jpg

And another chopper

 photo 107-IMG_3457_zps9a1ef6bb.jpg

this was a nice park…with lovely flowers.

 photo 114-IMG_3481_zpsf7f13340.jpg  photo 115-IMG_3484_zps9da08204.jpg

And another plane..

 photo 116-IMG_3486_zpsc74b7e7b.jpg

A banyan tree…i think

 photo 121-IMG_3502_zpsba5bfb83.jpg 

will the roots take root?

 photo 123-IMG_3508_zps1120b599.jpg

And another one..

 photo 126-IMG_3516_zpsd7df0887.jpg

reflected flags on a mall

 photo 128-IMG_3523_zps82421202.jpg  photo 129-IMG_3525_zps4d789bbe.jpg photo 142-IMG_3568_zps68914c37.jpg  photo 143-IMG_3571_zpsd0663869.jpg photo 144-IMG_3574_zps37e94443.jpg photo 147-IMG_3589_zps45f97440.jpg photo 148-IMG_3592_zps8a248796.jpg photo 162-IMG_3634_zps150f7f20.jpg photo 161-IMG_3631_zps5b83a0a3.jpg photo 181-IMG_3700_zps914f8556.jpg photo 169-IMG_3657_zpsc411032f.jpg photo 182-IMG_3703_zps402ba578.jpg photo 180-IMG_3697_zpsc29acea6.jpg photo 185-IMG_3712_zps5dc6a94e.jpg photo 186-IMG_3715_zps29617dbc.jpg photo 196-IMG_3744_zps67f94c24.jpg photo 192-IMG_3733_zps720b4ea9.jpg photo 225-IMG_4246_zps4d788266.jpg photo 220-IMG_3805_zps78b5102d.jpg the place is full of flowers which wouldn't look out of place in India. I was feeling very homesick..

 photo 130-IMG_3529_zps37b4d3e8.jpg

Peeking at a commuter train..

 photo 131-IMG_3533_zpsf66076b1.jpg

A cafe..with a roof in the shape of a leaf. Too bad it was closed..

 photo 132-IMG_3534_zpse9320e49.jpg  photo 133-IMG_3537_zps2496caf6.jpg

A little bamboo grove…the first huge difference, the bamboo here is much brighter yellow than what I recall in India.

 photo 136-IMG_3546_zps3aad859d.jpg  photo 137-IMG_3553_zpscd2cbe6c.jpg

Whoa! mangoes!!! and still on the branch…what’s wrong with these people? why are these people still allowing these mangos to still exist on the branch?

  photo 140-IMG_3562_zps6a61c1c3.jpg 

A chopped tree.

 photo 151-IMG_3603_zps42fafcd2.jpg

The park is surrounded with buildings…

 photo 156-IMG_3616_zpsbc26d65c.jpg 

lol, nice cigarette disposal unit.

 photo 157-IMG_3619_zps64294b3d.jpg


 photo 159-IMG_3624_zps7f2c7a81.jpg 

A statue..nice :) made by Christina Motta in 1944..

 photo 164-IMG_3639_zpse86f8501.jpg

Its almost 19 degrees. Nicely warm

 photo 165-IMG_3642_zps55ab5885.jpg photo 166-IMG_3648_zpsafa03c01.jpg  photo 168-IMG_3654_zpseb7d2e18.jpg

A very nice little bridge across the road..

 photo 171-IMG_3663_zpsfab07461.jpg

A children’s park area..with a nice little crocodile :)

 photo 174-IMG_3673_zps3b5169ab.jpg

 photo 175-IMG_3676_zps0254dc63.jpg

Saw this leaflet on the side of the nice.

 photo 176-IMG_3679_zps515ba574.jpg

little fence

 photo 177-IMG_3682_zps38c6b151.jpg

and the soil is reddish..

 photo 179-IMG_3693_zps1c02e7d1.jpg

some lovely birds tweeting..

 photo 189-IMG_3723_zps7349d2fd.jpg 

tortured bark

 photo 191-IMG_3731_zpsa9f837b3.jpg 

and this was funny, hairy trees… photo 198-IMG_3751_zpsf978d2ba.jpg

Obviously some serious flooding has taken place here.

 photo 199-IMG_3753_zps066d7cc7.jpg

a police car needing a bit of fixing..

 photo 200-IMG_3756_zps67960e9b.jpg

wow, that’s an interesting statue.

 photo 203-IMG_3766_zps095cfdc2.jpg

a rich rich flower…i really loved this

 photo 205-IMG_3768_zps5ae18b70.jpg

a wasp’s nest!

 photo 209-IMG_3781_zps7732fc42.jpg

Another plane coming into land

 photo 210-IMG_3784_zps97205bc1.jpg

those are nice windows…very sci-fi futuristic..

 photo 218-IMG_3799_zps09017da0.jpg

I head outside the park, getting a wee bit tired now

 photo 219-IMG_3802_zps3f32f539.jpg

a road blocked off

 photo 221-IMG_3811_zps0ab591ec.jpg

a tree making a break for it

 photo 222-IMG_3814_zps8d48b91b.jpg

curious, i passed in front of this mall and they refused to let me take photographs of it. Very interesting

 photo 051-IMG_6325_zps57145655.jpg 

Hmmm, another witch transportation being left on the road..

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