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Nov 2012: Where I see Jesus with a flaming head

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After emerging from the Templo Major, I head back towards the hotel and then pass this little church sandwiched between two rather boring buildings. This is the La Ensenanza Church. Or the teaching church.

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The facade is pretty rich

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With some very heavy duty carvings. Perhaps a bit too much considering the little frontage that one has.

 photo 778-IMG_2853_zpsba4ced1a.jpg 

That’s it, that’s how wide the church it. Its built in the Baroque style, on what was the parking space between 2 buildings..

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What I'm not sure is why they have this dirty stone..

 photo 780-IMG_2859_zps43058996.jpg 

Some serious gilt work all over the church.

 photo 781-IMG_2862_zps239778e3.jpg 

And more statues, some behind glass windows.

 photo 782-IMG_2864_zps643ad0ea.jpg  photo 783-IMG_2867_zps35e0eacb.jpg photo 805-IMG_2937_zpsc1988e1a.jpg photo 784-IMG_2870_zps4b899cba.jpg photo 785-IMG_2874_zps616c1e59.jpg photo 786-IMG_2879_zpsede57688.jpg

Some of the statues were amazing as well. not to mention the paintings..

 photo 787-IMG_2882_zps02528bff.jpg  photo 788-IMG_2885_zps672ff0c6.jpg

Two huge paintings flank the altar.

 photo 789-IMG_2889_zpsdf020770.jpg

The main altar is an amazing work of art. Absolutely brilliant.

 photo 790-IMG_2892_zpsb91a46f5.jpg photo 791-IMG_2895_zps1e1ccffa.jpg photo 793-IMG_2901_zps6a04eba8.jpg photo 792-IMG_2898_zps381f7357.jpg photo 794-IMG_2903_zps1bf94811.jpg photo 795-IMG_2907_zps7f9e021b.jpg photo 796-IMG_2909_zps9af56e38.jpg photo 797-IMG_2912_zpsea20603f.jpg 

A small door, through which the nuns would receive communion. This can be seen on the right bottom, the red door.

 photo 798-IMG_2916_zpse7fb182c.jpg photo 799-IMG_2919_zpse9087d3a.jpg photo 800-IMG_2922_zps70c48a45.jpg

the close-ups reveal the amazing job of carving, gilding, painting that the artist has done.

  photo 801-IMG_2924_zpsa6c1f7b6.jpg

And then the glorious painting on top of the altar on the dome. The windows are also painted in.

 photo 803-IMG_2930_zps1c35f97a.jpg  photo 804-IMG_2933_zpsda2b7cfc.jpg

A little doorway

 photo 806-IMG_2939_zpscf0fe47c.jpg  photo 807-IMG_2943_zpsf878418a.jpg

I turn back, and there’s the Virgin of Guadeloupe.

 photo 808-IMG_2946_zps6324ec33.jpg 

The pulpit

 photo 809-IMG_2948_zpsf1d2d134.jpg 

Man –o – man or man, what a beautiful piece of work.

 photo 810-IMG_2956_zps40b6340f.jpg 

Another view of the altar

 photo 006-IMG_6296_zps035ec09c.jpg

in its full blaze of glory..

 photo 811-IMG_2957_zps318f6f1b.jpg 

the ceiling isn't that highly decorated, surprising for such a Baroque building.

 photo 812-IMG_2961_zps140c132f.jpg 

I head back

 photo 814-IMG_2967_zps589317ca.jpg 

And again I see the image of Jesus

 photo 815-IMG_2970_zps9fa8caf4.jpg

With a flame emerging from his head. What is this all about? Nobody can tell me.

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