Thursday, July 18, 2013

Nov 2012: Flying to Brazil and seeing my first volcano

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I reach Mexico Airport…lovely day.

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And then take off.

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the air is really muggy and smoggy

 photo 005-IMG_3165_zps610cdb80.jpg

peering down at the farmland

 photo 006-IMG_3171_zps5a65ffd9.jpg

that is one volcano

 photo 007-IMG_3178_zps961fa9e5.jpg

really? take a closer look

 photo 008-IMG_3181_zps2592c913.jpg

Yep, that’s a volcano all right. The chap next to me says that its Popocatépetl. Ok, wow, first view of a volcano.

 photo 010-IMG_3187_zpse88605b1.jpg

then the plane banks, bye bye

 photo 011-IMG_3189_zps70efd079.jpg

a little lake

 photo 015-IMG_3207_zps284ff627.jpg  photo 017-IMG_3214_zpsbd3e4fab.jpg photo 019-IMG_3220_zps4f229c25.jpg

Another peak…

 photo 018-IMG_3217_zpsa10d5d0d.jpg

Its getting to be evening..

 photo 020-IMG_3222_zpsce880123.jpg 

And the plane banks again.

 photo 022-IMG_3228_zps1e2b5782.jpg

Another lake but what’s that in the middle?

 photo 023-IMG_3231_zps9c7917ac.jpg

A warm blanket of clouds

 photo 024-IMG_3234_zpsaf8b1a93.jpg

What a pretty peak

 photo 027-IMG_3249_zpsd072d3ae.jpg

with fingers of clouds crossing into the valleys

 photo 030-IMG_3258_zps909068ca.jpg

that is definitely a volcano

 photo 031-IMG_3261_zps2f8245f5.jpg

the valleys are a bit clearer

 photo 034-IMG_3274_zpsa5670904.jpg

the sky is brilliant

 photo 037-IMG_3283_zps2a5ee4f9.jpg 

Checking the fingers.

 photo 038-IMG_3289_zpsd4582d5c.jpg

holes in the clouds

 photo 039-IMG_6306_zps497e11dd.jpg  photo 040-IMG_6307_zpsc3a9a547.jpg

you missed the S…

 photo 041-IMG_6308_zpsec053557.jpg

I land in Sao Paulo..

 photo 042-IMG_6309_zps85a3539d.jpg 

A dog was in there, whining away…poor girl

 photo 043-IMG_6311_zps7acc8615.jpg 

And then this handle comes across, lol, only the handle. travelling light?

 photo 044-IMG_6312_zps7e3ebb6e.jpg 

my armed driver collected me..passing the favelas..

 photo 045-IMG_6313_zps5b5fb95a.jpg

And I have Ms. Rabbit to keep me company in my travels :)

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