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Nov 2012: Prowling around the Presidential Palace in Mexico City

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I pop into the Presidential Palace in Zocalo, got myself scanned. That brass plaque behind the scanner is a list of various departments and the rooms where they can be found. Bit difficult to move them, eh?

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It was ridiculously easy to pop security worth a peep. Surprising, this palace has been the site of the rulers of Mexico since the Aztec Empire…this building itself was made from the materials of the palace belonging to Moctezuma!

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Then I turn right and see these stairs which show the massive mural painted by Diego Rivera, depicting the history of Mexico from 1521 to 1930. Its in 3 parts. The right hand side is the part which describes the pre Hispanic Mexico, the left hand side is for the early 20th Century while the centre piece relates to the Spanish Conquest.

 photo 346-IMG_1535_zpse895c4ac.jpg  photo 347-IMG_1539_zpsef7578bb.jpg

The right hand side, the pre Hispanic story on the left pic, and the right pic shows modern Mexico

 photo 349-IMG_1545_zps411d6a84.jpg photo 350-IMG_1548_zpsb5ba1631.jpg photo 351-IMG_1551_zpsfd30280b.jpg photo 352-IMG_1554_zps234b31af.jpg  photo 353-IMG_1557_zpsa3e76fc1.jpg

This mural is amazing, fascinating. Somebody can spend hours and days just gazing at this. What vision! what broad sweep of history.

 photo 355-IMG_1569_zps40956223.jpg 

An exhibition is being held on the first floor, so pop in

 photo 356-IMG_1572_zps65328b4f.jpg

A row of names..

 photo 357-IMG_1574_zpsa3e4412a.jpg 

Names of various Mexicans..

 photo 358-IMG_1578_zps09185389.jpg 

Some of the artwork is interesting. A wing carrying away a man?

 photo 359-IMG_1581_zps21425422.jpg  photo 360-IMG_1584_zps84dc4e92.jpg

this spoke to me…lovely face…very dignified

  photo 362-IMG_1589_zps3e9756ad.jpg  photo 366-IMG_1605_zpsa0cecab1.jpg

Some kind of contemporary art exhibition

 photo 363-IMG_1593_zpsb1eec5dd.jpg 

I saw the work done by this chap in front of the Museum of Anthropology, nice ones.

 photo 364-IMG_1598_zps33b74f1a.jpg


 photo 367-IMG_1608_zps62b8e180.jpg

That is one very uncomfortable position.

 photo 368-IMG_1611_zpsea65b0f3.jpg

and no, dont like the face

 photo 369-IMG_1613_zps26003080.jpg 


 photo 371-IMG_1620_zps705ce794.jpg

now I like this

 photo 374-IMG_1629_zps8e2a3dd4.jpg 

This did draw my eyes, quite an interesting sculpture, eh?

 photo 379-IMG_1644_zpsc4651b54.jpg 

Another view of the Mexican totem.

 photo 382-IMG_1653_zps61028ba0.jpg

Ancient stuff, Juarez times?

 photo 383-IMG_1656_zps6ee5560a.jpg

Cash registers and a typewriter?

 photo 384-IMG_1659_zpsf5ff720e.jpg  photo 387-IMG_1668_zps0b543637.jpg photo 385-IMG_1662_zps4cc185c2.jpg

Some worthy’s room.., i love the secretary desk..

  photo 386-IMG_1665_zpsc2be506d.jpg 

the statue of Diana which is on the Place de Revolution..nice

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 photo 392-IMG_1683_zpsfa129d7f.jpg

 photo 393-IMG_1686_zps3cd02e11.jpg

 photo 394-IMG_1688_zpsbdd75040.jpg  photo 395-IMG_1692_zpsddf26fd2.jpg

An Elephant Turk carved to an inch of its life

  photo 396-IMG_1695_zps2238b5dc.jpg 

Couple of highly decorated vases

 photo 397-IMG_1698_zps4d01e8a8.jpg  photo 399-IMG_1705_zpsa23caf01.jpg

A piano…made in London, no less

 photo 401-IMG_1710_zpseb09c6e4.jpg 

Not sure what this was showing…

 photo 402-IMG_1713_zps233bdb84.jpg

A triptych, looks of Eastern Orthodox origin…

 photo 405-IMG_1721_zps9b341d24.jpg

I pop out

 photo 407-IMG_1728_zpsfa4cdfdd.jpg photo 408-IMG_1731_zpsf0fa7f05.jpg 

The Pegasus fountain in the middle..

 photo 410-IMG_1737_zpsd897e08c.jpg  photo 411-IMG_1740_zps8e21338c.jpg photo 412-IMG_1742_zpscb0969ce.jpg  photo 417-IMG_1758_zpsd2265b5b.jpg photo 413-IMG_1746_zps8bbb6dcf.jpg  photo 414-IMG_1748_zps10562e6e.jpg photo 415-IMG_1752_zpsd1319034.jpg  photo 416-IMG_1755_zps34da6329.jpg

More beautiful murals, these are extraordinary, telling the story of Mexico.  photo 418-IMG_1760_zps7b3729f9.jpg 

Is this showing the members of the Constituent Assembly of 1887?

 photo 419-IMG_1763_zpseb71d1b6.jpg 

The Mexican Flag

 photo 420-IMG_1768_zpse10501c2.jpg 

Another Juarez plaque

 photo 421-IMG_1770_zps197111df.jpg 

Walking the lovely long cool corridors

 photo 423-IMG_1776_zps3de129e4.jpg

the exhibit to Juarez’s exhibition was closed.

 photo 424-IMG_1778_zps162cdfa0.jpg

Pegasus again

 photo 428-IMG_1791_zps7c39c437.jpg

I am back at the entrance

 photo 431-IMG_1800_zps2e402b3c.jpg

And Pegasus again

 photo 433-IMG_1807_zps32decdf8.jpg

Heading out back

 photo 434-IMG_1808_zps692c5552.jpg


 photo 435-IMG_1811_zps7a1e3088.jpg  photo 436-IMG_1814_zps478991eb.jpg photo 437-IMG_1817_zps054b4f30.jpg

What a lovely building, just look at the vaulted roof

 photo 438-IMG_1821_zpsb23f0bdc.jpg

And we are at the end…the familiar cactus plant…and I exit behind this plant into the open..

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