Monday, July 22, 2013

Nov 2012: Wonderful Brazilian Clouds from top

wow photo 01-IMG_6349_zps1a0dc318.jpg

an armoured car…while I am catching my breakfast

 photo 06-IMG_3820_zps30e47051.jpg 

Go back up to get my suitcase and then look at the red building in front

 photo 07-IMG_3823_zps62b0c7b1.jpg

quite a lot of construction going on..

 photo 08-IMG_3826_zps6bf48412.jpg

the sky is lovely

 photo 10-IMG_3832_zps3678cf02.jpg


 photo 11-IMG_3835_zpsce5fe509.jpg

this is a working day…so traffic is building up



 photo 13-IMG_3837_zpsbab34b50.jpg


 photo 14-IMG_3845_zps7cd9d5fc.jpg 


 photo 16-IMG_3851_zpsc9cd9a63.jpg 

Final view from the lift lobby while waiting for the elevator to arrive

 photo 12-IMG_6357_zpsaecb4baa.jpg 

I read the airport

 photo 17-IMG_6358_zps53882cb3.jpg 

And somebody is knitting! how wonderful.

 photo 19-IMG_3853_zps4f3cd112.jpg

heh, nice name for a plane

 photo 21-IMG_3860_zps97ea52ef.jpg

A plane coming into land

 photo 22-IMG_3863_zpsff40bbbe.jpg


 photo 23-IMG_3869_zpse97c3aa9.jpg

yes please I would like to have some TLC

 photo 25-IMG_3877_zps2e3ce0c9.jpg

Taking off

 photo 26-IMG_3881_zps7b15966d.jpg 

And dammit, i got a wing side seat…so decided to shift

 photo 27-IMG_3884_zpsc8be1dbb.jpg

the land of favelas

 photo 28-IMG_3886_zps6b99cbf0.jpg

the clouds are attacking from the sea…

 photo 30-IMG_3893_zps48808224.jpg

the billowing clouds

 photo 32-IMG_3898_zpsfe8a5450.jpg

that’s such an attractive landscape…next time I will go there.

 photo 33-IMG_3908_zps41d11966.jpg  photo 34-IMG_3914_zps2ad116fc.jpg

Undulating and craggy landscapes…

From now on, there are cloudscapes..

 photo 36-IMG_3923_zpsed58a1cb.jpg photo 38-IMG_3929_zpsd5992c4f.jpg photo 37-IMG_3926_zpsb7708163.jpg  photo 39-IMG_3932_zpsc3e8adc2.jpg photo 40-IMG_3935_zpsf43d6e08.jpg photo 42-IMG_3941_zps403eab13.jpg photo 43-IMG_3944_zps0b7d730a.jpg photo 41-IMG_3938_zps87b4bb28.jpg photo 44-IMG_3946_zps718550f3.jpg

this is where we are, about 40 minutes out of SP/

 photo 45-IMG_3953_zpseb620993.jpg  photo 46-IMG_3956_zps125012ce.jpg photo 48-IMG_3962_zps4ecc5c63.jpg photo 49-IMG_3964_zps922e4ca5.jpg photo 47-IMG_3959_zps9389399d.jpg

 photo 50-IMG_3968_zps1eacd042.jpg photo 51-IMG_3971_zps9178bf28.jpg

  photo 52-IMG_3973_zps282ecace.jpg  photo 53-IMG_3977_zps6879ad4c.jpg photo 55-IMG_3983_zps7da0751e.jpg

And then, for some bloody reason, we decide to take a round trip…

 photo 54-IMG_3979_zps6a6e851d.jpg

Back to normal flightpath…this isn't the Amazon… :(..we will be passing to the east of it..I was hoping to photograph it.

 photo 56-IMG_3986_zps24c5f3ac.jpg  photo 57-IMG_3989_zps14c75ba8.jpg photo 59-IMG_3995_zpse9e4c461.jpg photo 58-IMG_3992_zpsbcb52404.jpg photo 60-IMG_3998_zps95343d59.jpg photo 62-IMG_4004_zpse63c9ad2.jpg photo 61-IMG_4001_zps9628a9fc.jpg

beautiful landscapes…but now it was too late and I was feeling hungry so I closed up my camera and went for a bite to eat and then to sleep…










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