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Nov 2012: Templo Major – the seat of the Aztecs

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So I move into the Templo Major. this was the centre of the old Aztec town, the holy of holies, where the Aztecs worshipped Huitzilopochtli and Tlaloc, the gods of war and rain/agriculture respectively.

 photo 476-IMG_1935_zps227c75e5.jpg  photo 478-IMG_1940_zps6c6e4a33.jpg

this is how it looks now.


this is how it looked way back.

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the thing to realise is that the pyramid wasn't built in one shot, it was built over many centuries. 

 photo 483-IMG_1955_zps9af4552f.jpg

in various layers…you can see the layers one after the other

 photo 484-IMG_1958_zps037f9595.jpg

with snake heads

 photo 486-IMG_1966_zps0e7c45fd.jpg

The entrance was bookended by these giant snakes

 photo 489-IMG_1973_zps35127c3d.jpg

And the frog shrine

 photo 490-IMG_1977_zps15da3d9e.jpg

This was the entrance and you would pass these massive snakes

 photo 495-IMG_1992_zpsc8f66bf4.jpg

This is a plaster cast of the moon goddess..long story, will tell you more when I do the photo blog of the museum..pretty gruesome story, but then the old Aztec’s were pretty gruesome in their mythology..lol

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I climb on the gangway

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And then as and how I walk past, the series of pyramids show up..

 photo 503-IMG_2016_zpsefee5ef8.jpg 

On the next pyramid, these statues were found

 photo 508-IMG_2030_zps5290c12d.jpg 

This drain was built to, well, take away sewage..and it cut across all the pyramids…imagine the amount of archaeological evidence that was destroyed..

 photo 509-IMG_2033_zps72806200.jpg

So I reach the top, and they show 2 temples on the top, of the 2 gods..as they would have looked like..many meters above.. See that black stone?

 photo 512-IMG_2042_zpsc9fe7c58.jpg

This is where the human beings were sacrificed to the God of War. Their chests ripped open and the still beating heart snatched out..nice going. 

 photo 513-IMG_2045_zps44a5c7ec.jpg

I look back at the Cathedral. So the stones of this blood drenched pyramid were used to construct the cathedral. I wonder if Karma was the reason why Mexico has had a turbulent history for such a long period of time?

 photo 516-IMG_2055_zps52000c0b.jpg

This is the Tlaloc shrine, the rain god..

 photo 522-IMG_2072_zpsb8e31c73.jpg

I walk back down another gangway

 photo 523-IMG_2075_zpsb5840e89.jpg

Down to the front, you can see how the temple was constructed with these layers

 photo 537-IMG_2117_zps98e7a429.jpg  photo 538-IMG_2121_zps04edbd0f.jpg

Then we come to the House of the Eagles. A sort of holy of holies, where only the elite were allowed in, where religious ceremonies would be held. The name is so evocative, something like out of a Battle of Britain airfield..

 photo 542-IMG_2132_zps1d7c20a0.jpg  photo 543-IMG_2136_zpsbc813d7e.jpg photo 551-IMG_2159_zpsb5826f0e.jpg

Tons of human sacrifice were carried out there…I tell you, it felt cold here..The place was cold, like somebody walked over my grave…strange

 photo 552-IMG_2162_zps2c48ab00.jpg

I move up the gangway past the House of the Eagles.






  photo 560-IMG_2184_zps7a2e5324.jpg photo 562-IMG_2189_zpsd82a0901.jpg

And then you see this wall of skulls..more inside the museum. 

 photo 580-IMG_2243_zps81a725f0.jpg


 photo 582-IMG_2249_zpsb0284798.jpg photo 589-IMG_2271_zps8f7ed13b.jpg

  construction on muddy subsoil. So what you do is to drive stakes of wood into the mud, deep, and then anchor with stone. And then build on top. So you can see how that was made

 photo 586-IMG_2262_zps82c22685.jpg

A gecko sunning itself..

 photo 587-IMG_2265_zps5c91a2e2.jpg

A fountain made much later on, around the 18th century..

 photo 588-IMG_2268_zps41994ae5.jpg

Looking back over the site.

 photo 751-IMG_2769_zps7a966494.jpg 

The covered part of the drain which I mentioned before.

Now I head into the Museum, where all the finds from the excavations from Templo Major are stored. Cant wait..

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