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Nov 2012: Food and Drink…

Here are some of the photographs of food and drink that I took in Nov 2012

 photo 01-IMG_6128_zps7dceead2.jpg

Some juicy steaks

 photo 02-IMG_6138_zps9390bb36.jpg

Baked apples with loads of booze and nuts inside them :)

 photo 03-IMG_6139_zps20e72779.jpg

Pork Stir Fry

 photo 19-IMG_6154_zps4ffbe7c5.jpg 

Drinking beer up in the Toronto CN Tower

 photo 20-IMG_6155_zpsed38a6ad.jpg 

Hmmm, I have to admit that these Canadian Starters were deeply disappointing..

 photo 21-IMG_6161_zps2b8aaa21.jpg 

But this is more like it, big hunka meat

 photo 33-IMG_6174_zps8df3fbe0.jpg 

lol@ fortune cookie in Toronton. You are so full of the brown organic matter

 photo 34-IMG_6185_zps613a0638.jpg 

Disciplined Bananas

 photo 23-IMG_6188_zpsbbe92ba1.jpg 

Hmmmm, do I really want to drink something called as Knob Creek? no..

 photo 24-IMG_6190_zps1129c668.jpg

A steak in NY…

 photo 31-IMG_6195_zps44813107.jpg  photo 25-IMG_1774_zps020cd5e8.jpg

mmmmm, i can still smell this

 photo 32-IMG_6196_zps1a27484a.jpg 

And then when you open the package, this wonderful offering of the gods appear…mmmm

 photo 08-IMG_6242_zpsb4a7606f.jpg

Starbucks…candy cane

 photo 06-IMG_6245_zpsebfb78d6.jpg

Hmmmm, this was tasteless, seriously BA, you need to improve your in-flight meals..

 photo 35-IMG_6248_zps41a4f4cd.jpg

An excellent salad in Mexico City

 photo 36-IMG_6251_zps96d3a791.jpg 

This is called as a Molcajete Teotihuacano, it has beef, pork, chicken, chorizo, cactus, cheese, salsa and onions.

 photo 37-IMG_6252_zps697a1052.jpg 

Served in this volcanic rock dish

 photo 38-IMG_6253_zps5faba090.jpg

It was brilliant, just so fine! mmmmm.

 photo 09-IMG_6256_zps0ba2d277.jpg 

lightly fried maguey worms on guacamole on blue tortillas. Very nice.

 photo 39-IMG_6265_zps78c7175f.jpg 

These were put outside the restaurant in the Mexican Hotel where I stayed. Bloody things were lethal! chilly balls! why why why would anybody put this shit in a bag and let greedy people like me snaffle them?

 photo 43-IMG_6284_zpsa15261e6.jpg

Chicken Mole, chicken cooked in chocolate…with almonds on top…very interesting combination of tastes.

 photo 48-IMG_6329_zps58d348bf.jpg

hot chocolate, pistachio ice cream and chocolate pudding…mmmmm

 photo 47-IMG_6334_zps275ccf9b.jpg 

A pizzeria in Sao Paolo

 photo 45-IMG_6335_zpsb20acea7.jpg

the pizza in SP was brilliant, its apparently a tradition, Sunday dinner, everybody goes off into a restaurant, has pizza and light beer! yummy

 photo 11-IMG_6340_zps100715b8.jpg 

These were little fried dumplings…very lovely. Brazil has great food.

 photo 12-IMG_6342_zpsb73f70ca.jpg 

Not so sure about the bloody cake. This was the cake that the hotel got for me, on account of my birthday, after Sangeeta spent hours trying to explain to the hotel that it was my birthday and she wanted a cake delivered to my room. Apparently its not done in Brazilian Hotels. WTF?. It was a brick, seriously a brick.

but I was laughing about this at work and my boss was there, and he is Brazilian, and then he arranged for a beautiful cake for me, and all the chaps sang and made me right totally embarrassed and stuff. :)

 photo 13-IMG_6345_zpsc94bcca2.jpg 

Cheese balls, this was absolutely delicious! I must have eaten half of these.

 photo 14-IMG_6346_zps7562bc81.jpg

A special tomato soup with cheese…SP restaurant..

 photo 15-IMG_6348_zps461ac993.jpg

Some brilliant Brazilian Steak…mmmmmm

 photo 50-IMG_6354_zpsa64bdf80.jpg

A fish preparation..this was amazing, I didn't catch the name, but it was brilliant, with spices and stuff, very nice.

 photo 16-IMG_6381_zps79359977.jpg

And you know Christmas is coming when you see this kind of stuff in the office cafeteria! :)

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