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Nov 2012: Listening to opera music in the middle of the street

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I come out of the Church of Learnings and see two book shops, wonderful place.

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And then an organ grinder. What’s with the uniform?

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Brilliant railing..

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Some of the columns are lovely..

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I trundle down..and see the church nearly falling over into the street.

 photo 823-IMG_2995_zps30926698.jpg 

Seriously, check out the lean of the building

 photo 826-IMG_3002_zps4609f34f.jpg  photo 829-IMG_3011_zps571a3d07.jpg 

The bell towers, strangely enough, are in the corner of the buildings. In the front

 photo 827-IMG_3005_zps89d95979.jpg  photo 828-IMG_3009_zps1e477727.jpg

the facade, as far as I can see from the various churches, is the common pillar and richly carved panels with statues.

 photo 832-IMG_3021_zps81b0e756.jpg 

I turn the corner and see the pillars of the church again leaning out

 photo 833-IMG_3024_zpsfe18d5b4.jpg

I love the watersprouts..brilliant.

 photo 834-IMG_3027_zps9e6707d1.jpg

nice work up there

 photo 837-IMG_3038_zps6b58d271.jpg

The tallest building in Latin America. I have been up there on the top in the last visit, it was nice, great views.

 photo 838-IMG_3041_zps7205a355.jpg 

But looking up, I am wondering if its safe, lol.

 photo 839-IMG_3045_zps6d1d99bd.jpg

An old old place

 photo 842-IMG_3054_zps893ea643.jpg

The church of san francisco. Very nice..and the group in front is coming out after christening their baby…awww…But check out the history of the building, fascinating stuff.

 photo 843-IMG_3057_zpsa06e3fb9.jpg  photo 844-IMG_3060_zps6ac563e0.jpg photo 845-IMG_3063_zpseec1edf6.jpg

 photo 846-IMG_3066_zps8892bfe1.jpg photo 847-IMG_3069_zpsf167d4dd.jpg photo 849-IMG_3075_zps34de2afa.jpg photo 852-IMG_3081_zps331a37e6.jpg photo 853-IMG_3085_zps5a0c291e.jpg photo 855-IMG_3091_zps3622a7e4.jpg photo 856-IMG_3094_zps0312d216.jpg  photo 857-IMG_3096_zps555485a7.jpg  photo 854-IMG_3087_zps3b445c82.jpg

And then turning around I see this tiled building with a balcony.

Various artists will pop out to sing and then leave.

 photo 858-IMG_3100_zps71d4fbd4.jpg

I move down the street and see the opera house

 photo 859-IMG_3102_zps6a4629ad.jpg

Its like something out of an European City plonked into Mexico.

 photo 860-IMG_3106_zps8a572c52.jpg 

Some beautiful statues out in front.

 photo 863-IMG_3115_zps95e66e89.jpg 

And on the top

 photo 865-IMG_3121_zpsea4b38e5.jpg

the tiling is amazing.

 photo 866-IMG_3124_zpse0b6a495.jpg  photo 867-IMG_3126_zps35dee8cc.jpg photo 868-IMG_3130_zps17a79ee0.jpg photo 869-IMG_3132_zpsb5ae6211.jpg photo 870-IMG_3136_zpsb74aa4c8.jpg photo 874-IMG_3147_zpsbc1a8a03.jpg 

Pretty impressive.

 photo 871-IMG_3138_zps6c22ca96.jpg

And some super hero’s collecting for charity. I think

 photo 872-IMG_3141_zps462634c0.jpg

Imposing, very imposing. 

 photo 876-IMG_3153_zpse816f54c.jpg 

Over on the left, there is an old church. hmmm Next time. 

 photo 878-IMG_3160_zps3bfb3856.jpg

Zooming into the dome. Wow, really really lovely…

but enough already, I go to find a taxi and then head off to the hotel to check out and go grab my plane to Brazil…lovely lovely time I had in Mexico, next time, I am going to go outside Mexico city :)

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