Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nov 2012: Landing in Heathrow

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So I wake up on the flight back from Brazil to London, peer out of the porthole and see this amazing sight over France

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the false dawn..

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start crossing the British Coast

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Its partially cloudy

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But more clouds appear as we move inland, the wavy clouds are strange, almost like waves..

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And you can see the cities through the cloud

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long rolling cloudy waves

 photo 22-IMG_4073_zpsb4b743cc.jpg

and another plane

 photo 23-IMG_4076_zps967f226e.jpg

heading away

 photo 26-IMG_4090_zps6e57e88d.jpg

Another plane crossing my vision

 photo 27-IMG_4093_zps3d590ccd.jpg

Another one heading off into the sunrise

 photo 28-IMG_4097_zpsd1b2d9f4.jpg

crossing over to the other side

 photo 30-IMG_4106_zps15e7bd0d.jpg

Now we are coming into land, the Olympic stadium

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Zooming out…watching the East End.

 photo 32-IMG_4112_zpsf245810d.jpg

there’s the Thames

 photo 33-IMG_4118_zps41625a8f.jpg

Moving towards central London

 photo 35-IMG_4124_zps13d681b0.jpg

The London Eye, with the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben on the bottom left hand side.

 photo 36-IMG_4134_zpsd1ef474b.jpg

The neon lights of Piccadilly Circus are burning bright.

 photo 37-IMG_4139_zps39d78dad.jpg

Green Park

 photo 38-IMG_4142_zpsc31e35bd.jpg

An Amusement Park

 photo 40-IMG_4147_zps889d2eae.jpg

Trying to see if I can identify my place as we move towards Western London

 photo 41-IMG_4151_zpscaf08f4e.jpg

Ok, that’s close enough, that’s the Wembley Stadium, I'm about 5kms northwest from there..

 photo 42-IMG_4154_zps7e619e94.jpg

See West London

 photo 43-IMG_4159_zps2e72c73f.jpg

God its boring

 photo 44-IMG_4163_zps9f35b57c.jpg

Coming into land

 photo 45-IMG_4172_zpsd63a25b9.jpg

Heathrow BA terminal

 photo 46-IMG_4175_zpsc1334219.jpg

The Concorde…

 photo 47-IMG_4177_zpsa0a145bb.jpg

More planes parked

 photo 48-IMG_4181_zpsfbfd6f42.jpg

Just about touching down

 photo 49-IMG_4184_zpsbadbd694.jpg

And THUMPPPPPPPP, wheels touch down

 photo 50-IMG_4187_zpsc21389d6.jpg

One of the big Airbuses…those are seriously huge

 photo 52-IMG_4193_zps1d8d2d87.jpg

You can make out 4 planes stacked up…one just about to land, and 3 behind it..BD is Home! :)

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