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Nov 2012: I visit the Pyramid of the Sun and nearly become a sacrifice

 photo 736-IMG_6646_zps4acb589a.jpgSo I reach the Pyramid of the Sun and boy its an inspiring sight. Its not as imposing as the Cheops Pyramid but still its imposing.


This is how it used to look like..bloody hell!

 photo 739-IMG_6654_zps608ea08c.jpg  photo 740-IMG_0002-001_zps1adcc17c.jpg

Getting closer, it fills my vision, cant even get it in my camera view

 photo 741-IMG_0004-001_zps16ef6c9f.jpg

Some of the statues that were found here. Not much was found here anyway

 photo 742-IMG_0008-001_zps659c15e1.jpg

Man o Man, I have to climb up to that? just kill me.

 photo 744-IMG_0010-001_zps72d1cb3a.jpg

One of the archaeologists on site.   photo 751-IMG_0031-001_zpsf263d898.jpg

I start climbing..a short one this time

 photo 752-IMG_0035-001_zpsc53f4983.jpg

And that just near about kills me anyway. I take a breather. See the Pyramid of the Moon in the background? But more importantly, can you see the dark covered whitish stuff in the foreground? this covered the pyramid once upon a time. And on here, gloriously large beautiful murals were painted. Alas, now nothing is left.

 photo 754-IMG_0041-001_zpsd13948cf.jpg

the avenue of the dead

 photo 756-IMG_0049-001_zps458fe368.jpg photo 755-IMG_0046-001_zps76e8ebca.jpg

I reach the next level.

 photo 757-IMG_0053-001_zps881ed459.jpg

The sides of the pyramid have been restored..but what’s with the outcrops? so I found out that these outcrops helped to keep the limestone cover in place. Like pegs.

 photo 759-IMG_0058-001_zpsc0f551b5.jpg

Next level up

 photo 760-IMG_0061-001_zpsc8e77937.jpg  photo 761-IMG_0065-001_zps7e17d4e0.jpg

The views are getting better. I am already at the height of the Pyramid of the Moon.

 photo 762-IMG_0067-001_zps1603b37c.jpg

These chaps were doing some kind of a sun dance…I think or the Macarena Variety..

 photo 763-IMG_0071-001_zps21deef9b.jpg

Next step up..higher than the Pyramid of the Moon. And should you be sitting there at the edge young lady?   photo 766-IMG_0080-001_zps48e37797.jpg

The courtyard in front of the pyramid of the sun

 photo 768-IMG_0086-001_zps5a033697.jpg photo 767-IMG_0083-001_zps838394bd.jpg 

The views have started to become spectacular..quite a lot of buildings in situ

 photo 769-IMG_0088-001_zps8e7f8d55.jpg

And looking into the distance..

 photo 770-IMG_0091-001_zps336bb529.jpg

I have reached the highest level. possible level that is. Cant go any further. Its prohibited. The policeman at the top will ensure so. Some zone of investigation…

 photo 771-IMG_0095-001_zps6d429a1d.jpg

I look down at the Pyramid of the moon, looks tiny

 photo 772-IMG_0097-001_zpscfa022f3.jpg

I start going around the pyramid clockwise

 photo 773-IMG_0100-001_zpsafc5d4cf.jpg

The car park

 photo 775-IMG_0107-001_zps466d9c48.jpg photo 774-IMG_0103-001_zps59001df7.jpg   photo 776-IMG_0109-001_zps3858f49f.jpg

The avenue of the dead looks very impressive

 photo 777-IMG_0115-001_zpsa836e18b.jpg

You really cannot make out the sheer amount of construction from the ground..

 photo 778-IMG_0119-001_zps9d09af5a.jpg

Broke out my telephoto lens to take a bit of a close up…gosh, and I just went up to the first level…there are 3 more levels to the Pyramid of the Moon..

 photo 779-IMG_0121-001_zpsa08de92f.jpg

And looking back up..

 photo 780-IMG_0124-001_zpsfcd13ecb.jpg

Walking on the final ledge. Thank God I was wearing good hiking shoes, I tell you, I saw girls wearing heels.

 photo 781-IMG_0127-001_zpsab291fea.jpg

Excavations and covers

 photo 782-IMG_0130_zps5adcd835.jpg

A well?

 photo 783-IMG_0133-001_zps466ebf74.jpg

I am now on the Northern side of the pyramid.

 photo 784-IMG_0136-001_zpsf4856552.jpg  photo 785-IMG_0140-001_zpsee548649.jpg

Looking North

  photo 786-IMG_0143-001_zpse2e4c3b4.jpg  photo 787-IMG_0145-001_zps4db7005b.jpg

And panning towards East. Pretty impressive.

 photo 788-IMG_0148-001_zps328fa9dc.jpg

Keep walking on the north side

 photo 789-IMG_0151-001_zps54f5757c.jpg

Steep steep slopes.

 photo 791-IMG_0162-001_zps5516e885.jpg photo 790-IMG_0159-001_zps9575982a.jpg 

Oh! hello? there was a grated entrance here..and I tried to peek in but wasn't able to see much…quite interesting..

  photo 792-IMG_0164_zps58dd52c3.jpg

Some more foundations

 photo 793-IMG_0167-001_zps8e35bcfe.jpg

Looking almost West

 photo 794-IMG_0170-001_zpsdd96bd86.jpg

And there’s the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent. Looks strange. Almost like its lopsided to the right no?   photo 797-IMG_0176-001_zpsd08e2f54.jpg  photo 798-IMG_0179-001_zps088e2564.jpg  photo 799-IMG_0182-001_zps02a50548.jpg

So that’s where we walked around..Huge frikking place

  photo 801-IMG_0187-001_zps8945c61c.jpg

I keep on walking

 photo 802-IMG_0190-001_zps7659e4c9.jpg

A fairly sharp slope..wouldn't like to stumble down here.

 photo 803-IMG_0193-001_zpsa43ed915.jpg photo 805-IMG_0197-001_zps3c82c710.jpg

More evidence of the widespread construction here.

 photo 808-IMG_0203_zps05c76df9.jpg

I've come around  photo 810-IMG_0208-001_zpsbdd8b03b.jpg

More sun worshippers

 photo 815-IMG_0215_zps5c7746b0.jpg 

Hello there…what a job, eh?

 photo 816-IMG_0217-001_zps15fb6365.jpg

Steep steep steep

 photo 817-IMG_0221-001_zps62fd22cd.jpg

More sun worshippers

 photo 818-IMG_0224-001_zpsd1bbab31.jpg

And sun worshippers of a different kind

 photo 819-IMG_0229-001_zps2136a225.jpg 

I head down

 photo 822-IMG_0238-001_zpsf8ca8393.jpg  photo 823-IMG_0242-001_zpse252935f.jpg photo 827-IMG_0259-001_zpsfc07cc0b.jpg

See what i mean? 6 inch heels!!!! on top of a pyramid. These girls are crazy. And she heads up even more!

 photo 828-IMG_0263-001_zps3d6cbeb3.jpg

I am down to the last level

 photo 829-IMG_0265-001_zps7936c604.jpg

Looking up, I must have been crazy

 photo 830-IMG_0269-001_zps81304019.jpg

Looking back at the giant structure

 photo 831-IMG_0272-001_zps1f1a1fc0.jpg

Beautiful..quiet, mysterious…this spoke to me more than the Cheops Pyramid did, I have to admit.

 photo 832-IMG_0275-001_zps482d5a4c.jpg

Looking up the Avenue of the Dead.

  photo 834-IMG_0281-001_zps97b2e562.jpg

Back in the van

 photo 835-IMG_0298_zps0654a344.jpg

The back of the Pyramid of the Moon. As usual, its a Potemkin Pyramid, lol, the front has been restored but the back is well, left to its own devices.

 photo 837-IMG_0323_zpsc2f1f090.jpg

We stop for a bite to eat

 photo 051-IMG_6285_zpscc96d8b1.jpg  photo 052-IMG_6286_zps1acc30ca.jpg

Where I dress up :)

 photo 838-IMG_0326_zps59633e30.jpg

Back in the van

   photo 841-IMG_0343_zpscadb7def.jpg

The sun is setting

 photo 854-IMG_0413_zps0604e5d8.jpg

We are reaching Mexico City..  photo 858-IMG_0431_zps36fa642c.jpg

And the sun has set..  photo 864-IMG_0458_zps69301e8d.jpg 

And another Pyramid??

 photo 867-IMG_0467_zps84c97326.jpg

No, its just a modern structure.

An excellent day out indeed. Loved it. Now for bed..

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