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Nov 2012: Visiting the place of revolutions, churches and temples

So I had a day free in Mexico while waiting for my flight back to London. So I picked one of those day long trips which would take you to interesting places.

 photo 013-IMG_4425_zps8532fd10.jpg

waiting for our driver to turn up

 photo 014-IMG_4429_zpsd0369b7a.jpg

an old old tree on the sidewalk…it just gives an impression of extreme age

 photo 016-IMG_4434_zps298621bf.jpg

so I manage to cram myself in the last seat and thankfully I could stretch out a wee bit. We had 2 Brazilians, two Mexicans, two Americans, two Romanians and of course myself.

 photo 017-IMG_4438_zps486cf708.jpg

You see these bugs all over the city…

 photo 018-IMG_4440_zps0b984b94.jpg

urban detritus…

 photo 019-IMG_4443_zpsee7c4a76.jpg

hey, Garibaldi…me old chap..bit far from Italy?

 photo 020-IMG_4447_zpsf447fcff.jpg

a rather decrepit building…

 photo 021-IMG_4452_zps82659b09.jpg

we stopped here and there were two mariachi chaps…unfortunately not even a single bloody photo came out good for them. Dammit.

 photo 023-IMG_4458_zpsf8dfe911.jpg 

So we reach the first stop. this is some kind of a polytechniq or technical university.

 photo 024-IMG_4461_zpsb5a7c38c.jpg

no military? why?

 photo 025-IMG_4464_zpsa66149a2.jpg

So here’s old  Temple de Ehecatl Quetzalcoatl…they are still excavating it.

 photo 026-IMG_4467_zpse9f394ec.jpg

quite a large footprint.

 photo 027-IMG_4471_zps22c3aab8.jpg

And in the far horizon, you can see the church where the Lady of Guadeloupe was first seen..

 photo 029-IMG_4477_zps06e4a85e.jpg

The church looks right blocky..

 photo 035-IMG_4494_zps8b471818.jpg

Bit mis-shapen I thought till the guide explained that this was because of the frequent earthquakes..

 photo 036-IMG_4498_zps1959e639.jpg

a facade..unfortunately couldnt see properly…

 photo 037-IMG_4500_zps5df30e5b.jpg  photo 038-IMG_4504_zps67309677.jpg 

The steeple survived all those earthquakes, eh? fascinating…Ive seen minarets in Istanbul and Cairo like this with different shapes, starts with a square base then octagonal then pentagonal and then a dome.. The other steeple was half done…ran out of money.

  photo 043-IMG_4519_zps39e3d38e.jpg 

some restoration work being carried out, seriously weird and amateurish

 photo 031-IMG_4482_zps728b83a4.jpg

I wasnt sure what this was..

 photo 032-IMG_4486_zps55c81679.jpg  photo 033-IMG_4489_zpsb093cd5b.jpg

various stairs to various levels of the temple.

 photo 045-IMG_4524_zps8d24c38c.jpg

Some interesting structures…this looked like as if it was a door of some kind

 photo 046-IMG_4527_zpsf422d8d1.jpg

then these little plaques with what looks like glyphs of sunsigns, eh?

 photo 047-IMG_4531_zps49c0ba59.jpg

pretty much the only major thing found on this temple.

We finish and go back

 photo 040-IMG_4509_zpsf123a51c.jpg

the students started to arrive at the poly.

 photo 048-IMG_4533_zps7609655b.jpg

more revolution…apparently some decades back, many students were killed here in police firing…hallowed grounds.

 photo 049-IMG_4537_zpscb385cce.jpg

do you know who this is and why is he being banned?

 photo 050-IMG_4540_zpsb3b04ac4.jpg 

a strange sculpture..

 photo 053-IMG_4543_zps94503bcc.jpg

and then in the van seeing a city bus on the side…

on to the cathedral…

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