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Nov 2012: When I went perambulating in the Mexican Jungle

Behind the Olmec gallery, I found an exit into the back garden.  photo 496-IMG_3635_zps877479b5.jpg 

I popped out and found myself in a wonderland

 photo 497-IMG_3640_zps4282a5f4.jpg

Beautiful place, it has been setup to show examples of the temples and sculptures and statues and other objects commonly found in Mexico.

 photo 498-IMG_3644_zpsda107478.jpg

panels showing the pelota games…

 photo 500-IMG_3649_zpsf333c2a2.jpg

oh! hello fugly!

 photo 502-IMG_3656_zpsa16f77cc.jpg

Small temples nestle in the middle of the tropical forests

 photo 503-IMG_3658_zpsf719089b.jpg

really well done

 photo 509-IMG_3677_zpsd2fe685a.jpg

The doors and temples just emerge out of the green gloom suddenly

 photo 510-IMG_3679_zpsa223ce9a.jpg


 photo 511-IMG_3683_zps3dcbb0b3.jpg 

this has a structure which makes it look like it has a mouth for an opening.

 photo 513-IMG_3689_zps2b34a440.jpg  photo 515-IMG_3695_zps353fe80a.jpg

a stele below a big tree. Prisoners being beheaded?

 photo 516-IMG_3697_zps8e203d27.jpg

And then this little row of blockhouses

 photo 505-IMG_3665_zps68d85e51.jpg  photo 506-IMG_3668_zpsae9e48ca.jpg photo 507-IMG_3671_zpsb72161ac.jpg photo 508-IMG_3673_zps791430e4.jpg

Inside that blockhouse, are very highly decorated walls. Very bright. Beautiful. I loved it.

 photo 517-IMG_3701_zps56988852.jpg 

I spot another stele

 photo 514-IMG_3691_zps953567bf.jpg

Moving further, I come across what I can only term as a giant Brandenburg Gate in the jungle

 photo 518-IMG_3704_zps7f9cd293.jpg

A most extraordinary gate cum temple

  photo 521-IMG_3710_zpsdc7f7f22.jpg

glyphs on a stele

  photo 524-IMG_3719_zps43859546.jpg photo 525-IMG_3722_zpsccaf323c.jpg

you dont want to meet these two characters in the middle of the night, eh? 

 photo 527-IMG_3728_zps41507b08.jpg

I turn back and see the mouth shaped temple door again. Man, those teeth at the bottom are big..Want to see the toothbrush which is used to brush them? :P

 photo 526-IMG_3724_zps141d72d5.jpg

I now emerge at the back of another gallery, the Maya gallery

 photo 528-IMG_3731_zpsf2250a6b.jpg

A big gallery opens up in front of me

 photo 529-IMG_3734_zps825dab83.jpg 

curiously the displays are more like made out of crumbly stone or clay. Whilst its nice and sharp, but many of the bits are falling off.

 photo 534-IMG_3752_zps826f8f31.jpg  photo 535-IMG_3755_zpsa8028f6d.jpg photo 538-IMG_3764_zps1667989b.jpg photo 539-IMG_3766_zps3c2271eb.jpg

These were found in Chiapas. Yes, the same place where the rural villagers are still running a revolution…

  photo 544-IMG_3782_zps21dc4010.jpg photo 549-IMG_3797_zps4086aec5.jpg photo 550-IMG_3800_zps9e40b206.jpg photo 551-IMG_3803_zps1fa942d5.jpg

More display units..

 photo 552-IMG_3805_zpsff28bb91.jpg

Some very very fine work on this round plaque. 


 photo 554-IMG_3812_zps01f1e142.jpg  photo 553-IMG_3809_zps52ace2cc.jpg

these two didnt come out properly but the faces were really good, very lifelike.

 photo 556-IMG_3818_zps20085450.jpg   photo 558-IMG_3826_zpsc4c3c526.jpg

 photo 557-IMG_3823_zpse68c0ee8.jpg 

A fertility symbol. quads at least..

 photo 559-IMG_3829_zpsea69eede.jpg  photo 560-IMG_3832_zpsd66573fe.jpg photo 561-IMG_3835_zpsec89844d.jpg photo 562-IMG_3838_zps2aaf4ef9.jpg

  photo 563-IMG_3841_zps74063871.jpg photo 566-IMG_3850_zpsc8a39fea.jpg

See what I mean? fine work but some of the statues are made out of crumbly stone..

 photo 568-IMG_3856_zps379dac43.jpg 

And then more droolworthy displays

 photo 569-IMG_3859_zps38e1f0ed.jpg

Ah! a scribe. lovely wonderful work.

 photo 570-IMG_3862_zpsf188e700.jpg

   photo 572-IMG_3868_zpse97f3feb.jpg

The books just look so amazing

 photo 575-IMG_3877_zps6d851885.jpg

A closer look at the great work done..just imagine the fine penmanship…mmm, one day I will get a copy of this kind of glyph book.

 photo 576-IMG_3880_zps77078019.jpg  photo 577-IMG_3883_zps74b28cea.jpg photo 578-IMG_3886_zps9388522a.jpg photo 579-IMG_3888_zpsd5f1a043.jpg photo 580-IMG_3892_zpsb75529d8.jpg photo 581-IMG_3895_zps40955089.jpg

the faces are much more realistic. Seriously better than the Olmec or Mexica sculptures.

 photo 582-IMG_3898_zps173109dc.jpg  photo 583-IMG_3901_zps86d3c853.jpg

Bone and shell ornaments.

 photo 584-IMG_3904_zpsb01cf175.jpg  photo 587-IMG_3913_zps3240b923.jpg photo 588-IMG_3916_zpse74b8f94.jpg

 photo 591-IMG_3925_zpse94b0c17.jpg

I come to the end of the gallery…this was a really nice one..really liked it.

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