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Nov 2012: Nice faces at the Museum of Anthropology, Mexico City

 photo 596-IMG_3943_zpsfb8ce643.jpg


I move into the last bit of the Mayan gallery

 photo 593-IMG_3934_zps21b6f46d.jpg

Here’s the Yucatan peninsula with little pyramids showing where they found Mayan artefact

 photo 599-IMG_3952_zps1c78fc4a.jpg

More what looks like pediments

 photo 600-IMG_3955_zpse6132f5d.jpg 

That’s an extraordinary display

 photo 607-IMG_3976_zpsebf95493.jpg

A snake here

 photo 608-IMG_3978_zps27af6d25.jpg

This pose is quite common

 photo 612-IMG_3991_zps85d1348d.jpg

made up of some kind of clay?

 photo 616-IMG_4002_zps745edd35.jpg

A ball game goal?

  photo 619-IMG_4012_zps521c4346.jpg 

Hmmm, bit grumpy there?

 photo 620-IMG_4015_zpsc2f594ad.jpg

I go to see the grave of Pakal the Great.

 photo 621-IMG_4018_zpsd27dd075.jpg

A grave

 photo 623-IMG_4024_zps85da6743.jpg 

Im looking down at the pyramid grave of Pacal the great. You cannot see it clearly but the top of the sarcophagus is very important, not least because Eric Von Daniken went off on it and said that Pacal was an astronaut, lol.



that’s how the lid looks.

 photo 626-IMG_4033_zps0094e400.jpg

Some of the stuff found in his grave

 photo 627-IMG_4038_zpsb956b2b9.jpg

The chap is on the left

 photo 628-IMG_4042_zpsea2eb464.jpg 

And then the death mask

 photo 629-IMG_4045_zps582c61e4.jpg 

Bloody hell, that is one awesome mask

 photo 631-IMG_4051_zps8fa57b90.jpg

there’s the pyramid

 photo 632-IMG_4054_zpsf4f93fd8.jpg

More grave goods,

 photo 633-IMG_4057_zps690f53cd.jpg

And in one of those, this pot cut out to show a skeleton..

 photo 638-IMG_4071_zps10a772c6.jpg

That’s it, i climb out and out into the courtyard

 photo 641-IMG_4081_zps1954223f.jpg 

I am now moving into the last gallery, which I can broadly describe as the “other” bits of Mexican history in the west of the country.

 photo 642-IMG_4084_zpsf3719525.jpg  photo 643-IMG_4087_zps33ea51cb.jpg

Another grave..

 photo 645-IMG_4093_zpse80c415d.jpg

Some serious amount of stuff was included in this double bed grave.. photo 648-IMG_4111_zpsfced7af4.jpg

 photo 649-IMG_4114_zps159d70e6.jpg 

One of the most famous lapis lazuli face masks in the museum.

 photo 652-IMG_4126_zps1225df77.jpg

See what I mean? same poses

 photo 653-IMG_4128_zpsfd591cc4.jpg

Sacrificial knives

 photo 654-IMG_4131_zpsc3ea6b97.jpg

nice carving there…

 photo 660-IMG_4149_zps2347e121.jpg


 photo 662-IMG_4156_zps44e90dc6.jpg 


 photo 663-IMG_4158_zps969d0f5a.jpg

Golden totties?

 photo 665-IMG_4165_zps76c497af.jpg

Hmmmm, weird faces

 photo 666-IMG_4168_zps4e2d0612.jpg

and then that pose again.

 photo 669-IMG_4177_zps4b7efce7.jpg

yet another grave

 photo 670-IMG_4180_zpse384919e.jpg

cool, i like the hair dress :)

 photo 671-IMG_4183_zps1573477c.jpg  photo 672-IMG_4186_zpscfb57169.jpg photo 676-IMG_4195_zps7085beac.jpg photo 675-IMG_4192_zps3e2f176f.jpg

This was a village in the extreme west of the country.  photo 677-IMG_4198_zps66772ea3.jpg

More goods found in this village

 photo 678-IMG_4201_zps765e3626.jpg

And how the village was built into the hole in the mountain.

 photo 682-IMG_4212_zpsda833051.jpg

I come out finally..whew, what a rush

 photo 683-IMG_4216_zps9bbe735c.jpg  photo 684-IMG_4218_zpsaf96bfea.jpg photo 685-IMG_4222_zps7895bd90.jpg photo 686-IMG_4225_zpsd387884e.jpg photo 688-IMG_4231_zpsb8bc9a58.jpg photo 689-IMG_4233_zps72831185.jpg  photo 690-IMG_4236_zpsdf1af0f0.jpg photo 691-IMG_4240_zps7cc2268c.jpg  photo 692-IMG_4243_zps3ac622b3.jpg

At the entrance, a special exhibit of these statues was shown, up on a little mezzanine platform. Unfortunately, most of the displays were in Spanish so not sure what they were about..

Anyway, i turn away sadly and complete my trip to the museum. Wonderful stuff.

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