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Nov 2012: Visiting the Palace Compound at the Pyramids in Mexico

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We stop at the car park and pile out to enter into the next gate, lovely flowers..

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and then this vista opens up. Its like what you find in any other excavated ancient city, low walls..volcanic rock held together with mortar, very nice

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hello! :) nice doggie

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the passage was clearly restored but the wood looked ancient.

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tourist dog?

 photo 539-IMG_6087_zps81c21083.jpg photo 547-IMG_6109_zps5a2c76ba.jpg

This is the Jaguar room, amazing you can still see the ochre red paintings..

 photo 549-IMG_6115_zps9bcd30a3.jpg

the wood bugs have made an interesting pattern.

 photo 552-IMG_6131_zpse104282b.jpg    photo 553-IMG_6133_zpsd68ee093.jpg 

the green dragon?

 photo 556-IMG_6139_zpsdb792518.jpg

looks like a scene out of the raiders of the lost ark

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we move forward

 photo 561-IMG_6150_zps12b529e9.jpg  photo 562-IMG_6154_zps1fbbd92b.jpg

some lovely murals on the walls

 photo 565-IMG_6162_zps888912d7.jpg 

the guide pointed out the red ochre paint on the walls. Still extant.

 photo 567-IMG_6168_zps1a7a7b84.jpg  photo 568-IMG_6174_zpse4c9f9f6.jpg   photo 570-IMG_6180_zps8c2d442b.jpg   photo 572-IMG_6187_zps9b2beaad.jpg  photo 573-IMG_6191_zps35e348d4.jpg  photo 574-IMG_6195_zps86debe61.jpg

and we are shown the toilet, plumbing and drainage that the ancients put together. We would wince at the idea of going to go look at somebody else’s toilet now but once its ancient, people cluster around it, lol.

 photo 576-IMG_6199_zps49d334bb.jpg

the palace compound has been restored quite a lot

 photo 577-IMG_6201_zps62e60d37.jpg

quite a lot of work has been done..

 photo 581-IMG_6218_zpse2d0fc7a.jpg

we move into another room, the patio of the pillars.    photo 584-IMG_6226_zpse75ca10e.jpg

Clearly restored, its a courtyard surrounded with pillars with red paint on the top of the roof..might be some religious significance as those pillars on the roof have something to do with the shadows on particular pillars. Almost like a giant sundial

 photo 586-IMG_6232_zps455a6b5d.jpg   photo 587-IMG_6235_zps8c85c191.jpg

the pillars are carved

 photo 589-IMG_6237_zps38950d3f.jpg

this was interesting…a curved hole carved inside the stone, to hold something presumably.

 photo 591-IMG_6240_zps817cc773.jpg  photo 592-IMG_6246_zpsaa739500.jpg   photo 594-IMG_6250_zps5c4b6652.jpg  photo 595-IMG_6253_zpsf639bd45.jpg 

very good work

 photo 597-IMG_6258_zps343967e8.jpg

the carvings originally had semi precious stones embedded in the eyes and other places..

 photo 601-IMG_6271_2_zps88341b33.jpg 

the chap said it was astronomical but…hmmmmm

 photo 603-IMG_6276_2_zpse87ad46a.jpg

we come out and then emerge on top of one of the low temples

 photo 604-IMG_6281_2_zps03312543.jpg

it was covered with rough grass

 photo 605-IMG_6282_2_zps8c270a06.jpg

we reach the edge and observe the pyramid of the moon shrouded in cloud.

 photo 606-IMG_6287_2_zps6d57d12c.jpg

Surprise surprise, the pyramid of the sun is also shrouded in clouds    

 photo 611-IMG_6302_2_zps328b4a97.jpg

Zooming into the are right on the top most layer!

 photo 612-IMG_6304_2_zpsbb6ec905.jpg

the side temples have been restored

 photo 614-IMG_6310_zps2726b2f1.jpg

the sun is breaking out..

 photo 620-IMG_6326_zps9900ac71.jpg

Curious, we still dont know what these were for.

 photo 621-IMG_6328_zps0f9bc1cd.jpg

One of the little temples under construction.

 photo 622-IMG_6331_zps4c39b9e0.jpg

The pyramid of the moon

 photo 625-IMG_6337_zps8df01e4a.jpg

We head back

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Hello to you too, that’s our guide in the back.

next stop, the pyramids!

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