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Nov 2012: Visiting the abode of the feathered serpent and praying to the sun

After the obsidian factory visit, we then drove to the Pyramids.

   photo 417-IMG_5704_zps59ee17f4.jpg

And there’s the pyramid..

 photo 420-IMG_5722_zps0731f9ac.jpg

We stop on the side of the road

 photo 424-IMG_5732_zpsa0dec3cd.jpg

Its a great day…blue skies with some little cotton ball clouds.

 photo 425-IMG_5735_zps8fb10ca2.jpg

Looking down the pyramids

 photo 426-IMG_5738_zps5f338fe9.jpg

Some of the side temples?

 photo 428-IMG_5744_zps9f53e441.jpg

There are quite a lot of people already here.

 photo 430-IMG_5750_zpsb32a3837.jpg

A repeater station on top of the mountain

 photo 432-IMG_5756_zps8069995e.jpg

Peeking through the fence

 photo 433-IMG_5759_zpsbaf95f87.jpg

The place is surrounded by this chain mail fence

 photo 441-IMG_5786_zpse53e9fad.jpg

Another view of the pyramid before we jump back into the van and off

 photo 443-IMG_5792_zpsda17e29d.jpg

The tickets are bought

 photo 444-IMG_5795_zps71626d56.jpg

Some lovely flowers on the way

 photo 445-IMG_5797_zpse4a97d9a.jpg

That’s where we were…taking the photos

 photo 448-IMG_5806_zps451b6342.jpg

Walking towards the first temple. This is the temple of Quetzalcoatl or the Plumed Serpent. This was built around 150-200AD.

 photo 450-IMG_5812_zps0171b312.jpg

Huffed and puffed up to the first level and this vista opens up, a huge square, really huge square, with a platform in the middle.

 photo 453-IMG_5821_zpsf498d8d4.jpg

Zooming into the temple of the feathered serpent.

 photo 455-IMG_5828_zps85123464.jpg  photo 456-IMG_5831_zps043d0aa6.jpg

We come down into the courtyard, its such a huge place.

 photo 462-IMG_5849_zps34345b89.jpg

One gets tired just looking at it..each side was at least 500 meters to a side.

 photo 465-IMG_5858_zpscddbe1f4.jpg

Then in the middle you had these sun ceremonies

 photo 467-IMG_5870_zps8e809dc2.jpg

I got into it as well, lol

 photo 469-IMG_5880_zpsd0232fed.jpg

And watching some kids climb down

 photo 470-IMG_5882_zps5ecf1a14.jpg  photo 471-IMG_5885_zpsbaeb0dc4.jpg photo 472-IMG_5889_zpsbc1d01e5.jpg photo 473-IMG_5891_zpsbe780e85.jpg

On this central platform, I spotted some red ants…hello there little ones.  

 photo 477-IMG_5907_zps1b17ddfe.jpg  photo 478-IMG_5909_zpsf418d19c.jpg

People looking down at us..

 photo 482-IMG_5918_zps26ac571f.jpg 

I climb up and then I can see down at the plumed serpents..Loads of sacrificial victims were found buried around the pyramid.

 photo 483-IMG_5921_zpsd02d227a.jpg  photo 484-IMG_5927_zps3cb74d55.jpg photo 485-IMG_5930_zpse07a475a.jpg  photo 486-IMG_5933_zps144f4a0d.jpg  photo 487-IMG_5936_zps8fbe3b10.jpg  photo 488-IMG_5940_zps8381ff6a.jpg  photo 489-IMG_5942_zps05e3d4b9.jpg  photo 490-IMG_5948_zpsb7e6ded5.jpg  

The heads were very amazing.

 photo 493-IMG_5957_zps8aadacd8.jpg photo 491-IMG_5953_zps7c2dc9cc.jpg 

And then the staircase..

 photo 494-IMG_5960_zpsca76a431.jpg

the other side of the pyramid

 photo 495-IMG_5963_zps60ef62d3.jpg  photo 496-IMG_5966_zps431f1aa1.jpg  photo 497-IMG_5969_zpsced32c44.jpg  photo 498-IMG_5972_zpsf04dc20b.jpg 


 photo 500-IMG_5978_zps57e0c085.jpg

Good heavens, the complex extends to the other side as well, this is massive

 photo 501-IMG_5981_zps85c74dd9.jpg

Pyramid of the Sun

 photo 502-IMG_5985_zps134899b1.jpg

Another view with the clouds shadowing on the mountain

   photo 505-IMG_5993_zps37c910cd.jpg  photo 506-IMG_5996_zps816ef6d6.jpg

See what the courtyard looks like? huge huge huge

 photo 508-IMG_6003_zps324d5edb.jpg

Move over to the other side

 photo 511-IMG_6008_zps4c8b35f5.jpg

Beautiful sea shells

 photo 521-IMG_6036_zpse4254b0b.jpg photo 522-IMG_6039_zpsbbddf9d3.jpg 

the heads are great. But see here as to how it actually might have looked in its heyday…this is what I saw at the Museum of Anthropology.

 photo 523-IMG_6043_zps2ab8fdc5.jpg photo 525-IMG_6046_zpsb21a1ce6.jpg

Man o Man..very very steep stairs..i can see taking a huge tumble 

 photo 528-IMG_6055_zpse87f426d.jpg

People selling various bits and bobs, this was a bed sheet with the sun stone on it

 photo 530-IMG_6061_zps717060ea.jpg

The usual tourist pap on the way out…next stop the palace compound.

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