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Nov 2012: When I saw big heads

 photo 379-IMG_3283_zps67c9ab97.jpg

I come out of the Aztec exhibit into the central courtyard

 photo 380-IMG_3286_zps88125d19.jpg 


 photo 383-IMG_3295_zps55173aac.jpg

The architectural designs of the side are nice, in a geometric fashion

 photo 384-IMG_3299_zps9fbac9a0.jpg

Sala. Cultures of the Gulf.  So unlike the inland Aztecs, we are in the land of the gulf…

 photo 387-IMG_3307_zps9ca111fc.jpg 

Nice head dress and again with the skulls!

 photo 389-IMG_3314_zpsbf31596d.jpg

Nice water jar

 photo 390-IMG_3317_zps8bdae162.jpg 

And what looks like an alabaster sacrificial utensil.

 photo 392-IMG_3323_zpsdfaa44b8.jpg  photo 393-IMG_3326_zps28e8f131.jpg

A fertility symbol and a grinning monkey? lol

 photo 396-IMG_3335_zps06bc87d5.jpg

Man, he looks unhappy

 photo 400-IMG_3347_zps57ba7350.jpg 

A scribe?

 photo 404-IMG_3359_zpsd93aa831.jpg

This was a very interesting statue…almost Japanese..

 photo 407-IMG_3368_zps5edb6cb2.jpg  photo 408-IMG_3371_zps3c17555c.jpg

And then I see one of the colossal heads.

  photo 409-IMG_3374_zpsc1b8b8ab.jpg

Seriously massive, these Olmec heads. I am in Eric van Daniken land here.  photo 412-IMG_3382_zps4532e100.jpg photo 413-IMG_3386_zps8b4c83e1.jpg

More displays

 photo 415-IMG_3391_zps2f9af052.jpg  photo 416-IMG_3395_zps239182b4.jpg

They did have a serious fertility thing going…

 photo 418-IMG_3401_zps4581bc6e.jpg 


 photo 427-IMG_3428_zpsf8c285ba.jpg  photo 428-IMG_3431_zps70219170.jpg

Another colossal head.

 photo 430-IMG_3436_zps10361507.jpg

Interesting patterns in the stone.

 photo 431-IMG_3440_zps3e454627.jpg

These were more interesting with the monkey display

 photo 432-IMG_3443_zps9e70b364.jpg

Nice one.

 photo 435-IMG_3452_zps9c43714f.jpg photo 436-IMG_3455_zps5d1db4d4.jpg photo 437-IMG_3458_zpsd9e29ee9.jpg  photo 438-IMG_3461_zpsf4ced46d.jpg

 photo 439-IMG_3464_zpsf394d555.jpg  photo 441-IMG_3469_zps8cd5c7fc.jpg

 photo 440-IMG_3467_zpsf745c9e0.jpg  photo 443-IMG_3476_zpsf6fe85c5.jpg photo 442-IMG_3473_zps33614e40.jpg photo 444-IMG_3479_zpscec653b5.jpg photo 445-IMG_3482_zps4a3459cb.jpg

Then we have some gold jewellery…some very very fine work

  photo 447-IMG_3488_zps97a583f8.jpg

But here is something that made my heart leap,

 photo 448-IMG_3491_zps5e13f61b.jpg

what wonderful work

 photo 449-IMG_3494_zps1248b8cb.jpg

the glyph books.

 photo 450-IMG_3497_zpsca43fd4e.jpg 

a young warrior in clay

 photo 452-IMG_3503_zpse1dfe611.jpg  photo 453-IMG_3505_zps40677c72.jpg

So that’s how it looked..

 photo 465-IMG_3542_zps5ca43cec.jpg 

Then I popped down into a display of a tomb

 photo 466-IMG_3545_zps1aad7197.jpg

that’s how a tomb looked like, with the body and other grave goods

 photo 467-IMG_3548_zps350cbc89.jpg 

And a statue of what looks like a god.

 photo 472-IMG_3563_zps00232ac4.jpg

Some great looking faces

 photo 473-IMG_3566_zpsa5a9bfd4.jpg 

you look woebegone

 photo 474-IMG_3569_zpsa9353ab9.jpg  photo 475-IMG_3572_zps29aee96a.jpg photo 477-IMG_3578_zps8af1c396.jpg photo 478-IMG_3581_zps9752f876.jpg photo 479-IMG_3584_zpsb2767df9.jpg  photo 481-IMG_3589_zps39cdd5f4.jpg  photo 482-IMG_3593_zpsf8b80066.jpg

More clay statues, some very complex pieces there..very interesting.

 photo 487-IMG_3607_zps349b470e.jpg 

A bat god?

I complete the gallery. While it wasnt as full of big displays like the Aztec gallery before, this was more artistic, more fine work, of course other than the colossal heads..very nice.

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