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Nov 2012: Obsidian objects and eating worms


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So after the Basilica visit, we crammed ourselves into the van and then took off to the pyramids. The city is vast, the mountain behind us was absolutely heaving with houses.  

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Not quite sure what this was all about, but its festooned with religious imagery

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We head outside and the mountains show up

 photo 330-IMG_5422_zps253f6c54.jpg

Hey, I know those!

 photo 333-IMG_5432_zps2b2474e7.jpg

Cacti in the Obsidian factory

 photo 334-IMG_5435_zps1367718f.jpg

The workers sitting and carving the good stuff

 photo 336-IMG_5443_zpseb086e8c.jpg  photo 337-IMG_5447_zps7890a640.jpg  photo 338-IMG_5450_zpsa03a6790.jpg  photo 339-IMG_5453_zps252c90a4.jpg  photo 340-IMG_5456_zps6705e5fd.jpg  photo 341-IMG_5459_zps3fea215e.jpg  

The owner showed us the various types of obsidian

 photo 344-IMG_5468_zps894384a0.jpg

And what they use to carve

 photo 345-IMG_5471_zpse4534b73.jpg

And how it will end up..

 photo 346-IMG_5474_zps81b84952.jpg  photo 347-IMG_5477_zpsca55fa2a.jpg

The chap on the right isn't wearing a mask..brave..

 photo 352-IMG_5494_zps85fa2895.jpg

 photo 397-IMG_5645_zps6567990a.jpg

  photo 349-IMG_5482_zpsec0ac07b.jpg  photo 350-IMG_5486_zps8f301bc0.jpg  photo 351-IMG_5489_zps4b2bce9c.jpg  photo 353-IMG_5498_zps32b5a254.jpg   photo 354-IMG_5500_zps294b7afe.jpg  photo 355-IMG_5504_zps80a90610.jpg  photo 356-IMG_5507_zps3b805219.jpg

Some marvellous examples of the stuff they were making. But whilst I was very tempted, I didn't want to buy anything heavy. I knew I would have to climb the damn pyramids and I didn't want to burden it down any more. Plus there is no more space at home to show all this stuff anyway, lol. I am such a squirrel.

 photo 357-IMG_5513_zps63ba184d.jpg

And the bright Rhododendrons.

 photo 359-IMG_5519_zps2c9628ac.jpg  photo 369-IMG_5563_zpse1227e0f.jpg

 photo 400-IMG_5653_zps7445bcff.jpg

A traditional loom, very brightly coloured blankets

 photo 360-IMG_5521_zps22acbf37.jpg

So here’s the agave plant

 photo 361-IMG_5524_zps2c3020cb.jpg

the chap cut out one stem?

 photo 364-IMG_5537_zps17f394d3.jpg

with this spoon like implement   

 photo 367-IMG_5551_zpsb36fe862.jpg

He asked us to peek inside and truly it was a cornucopia of honey for the bees..who were having so much fun.

  photo 370-IMG_5566_zps5e2eb77d.jpg 

He held the business end of one leaf

 photo 372-IMG_5572_zpsd24a9db2.jpg

And showed how its in layers..and took out another identical one from inside, Mexican Russian dolls in agave :)

 photo 373-IMG_5578_zps22bbd304.jpg  photo 376-IMG_5587_zps9b18493d.jpg

And then you can break off the tip and it comes with its own thread..

 photo 374-IMG_5582_zps5c607c62.jpg 

he wrote inside

 photo 375-IMG_5584_zpsbaa5702a.jpg  photo 377-IMG_5591_zps81f2e6d7.jpg

And its parchment paper as well. 

 photo 383-IMG_5606_zpsbbb804c3.jpg

And I was given a little cup of the good stuff

 photo 385-IMG_5612_zpsdf9daaec.jpg


 photo 386-IMG_5614_zps426ffa83.jpg photo 388-IMG_5618_zpsd49426f0.jpg  photo 387-IMG_5617_zps99e10e4b.jpg  photo 389-IMG_5620_zpsffef8c5c.jpg  photo 390-IMG_5623_zpsf639dea6.jpg  photo 391-IMG_5627_zps49a4a24f.jpg  photo 392-IMG_5629_zpsd5b512f3.jpg

Then we moved inside..and saw this little necklace being made.  photo 393-IMG_5634_zps94e888e6.jpg

One of the Romanian girls modelled it for us :) very nice.

 photo 394-IMG_5636_zps59fdf8c0.jpg


 photo 395-IMG_5639_zps09bb1a04.jpg

 photo 396-IMG_5642_zps5e749e99.jpg    

And then you have the famous tequila with the worm inside. I had these for dinner the other day on a bed of blue tortilla.


Here we go, they do look nice, eh? very nice and succulent. the ones inside the bottle were a bit more pale.

So this Brazilian chap with us decided to have a go at one..the expressions were priceless

 photo 401-IMG_5663_zps73851870.jpg  photo 402-IMG_5666_zps2f294890.jpg  photo 405-IMG_5670_zpsa56fb155.jpg  photo 403-IMG_5668_zpsbe0a75b5.jpg  photo 404-IMG_5669_zpsee11ef66.jpg  photo 407-IMG_5672_zpsc9025d57.jpg  photo 406-IMG_5671_zpse26b0d92.jpg  photo 409-IMG_5675_zpscd024e34.jpg  photo 408-IMG_5674_zps0325014d.jpg  photo 410-IMG_5676_zpsee21f7eb.jpg 


 photo 412-IMG_5680_zps491c37e1.jpg

Another cacti

 photo 413-IMG_5684_zps79633a92.jpg

There was a restaurant there as well, but I just grabbed a bag of nuts and we were off

 photo 414-IMG_5687_zps99168e5d.jpg

the chap waved us goodbye…he really wanted us to buy stuff, kept on saying that the stuff they will sell at the pyramids were crap and and and, but no, I am not buying anything that I have to tote up..

onwards and upwards to the pyramids, amigo..

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