Friday, June 07, 2013

Nov 2012: An old wall crumbling under earthquake stresses

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I walk back from the Museum to the Hotel

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Passing the usual traffic jams

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Banos? hmmm

 photo 04-IMG_4354_zps1c7271a0.jpg 

And then I pass this strange little structure

 photo 05-IMG_4357_zps234434d7.jpg

Its fenced off

 photo 06-IMG_4359_zpsef259842.jpg

Looks like some kind of a church structure

 photo 07-IMG_4362_zpsf287414c.jpg

But here was the sad bit, it was all worn away and then there was the crack

 photo 08-IMG_4366_zpsd5aa33d1.jpg 

A bloody serious crack running down the side.

 photo 09-IMG_4369_zps3fd3eaf4.jpg


 photo 10-IMG_4372_zps71182c33.jpg

Stepping back

 photo 11-IMG_4374_zpsb707e880.jpg 

Walking around this structure

 photo 12-IMG_4377_zps473f3939.jpg 

No plaques or anything which tells me what this is all about, from the rear you can see it has cracked down to the base and then it has been repaired..

 photo 13-IMG_4380_zps8873158a.jpg 

Walking down some of the side streets

 photo 14-IMG_4384_zpsf1cbf242.jpg

Construction going on

 photo 15-IMG_4387_zps1b774891.jpg 

A pillar of light

 photo 20-IMG_4401_zps63816e91.jpg

The statue of Athena or was it Diana?

 photo 19-IMG_4399_zps1fa3c137.jpg 

oh! goody, I can move now

 photo 22-IMG_4412_zpsaecee90d.jpg

heh@ Tiber…

 photo 24-IMG_4417_zps114d425d.jpg 

And then the Angel :) in front of the old shop…

I reach the hotel and crash out…long day..

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