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Nov 2012: Visiting the Virgin of Guadeloupe

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So after visiting the place of revolutions, we crammed ourselves back into the van and reached the Basilica. Allende! I know him..Chile? here? Warning, this is a long photo essay

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The religious artefacts on sales outside the Basilica.

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And there’s the Basilica itself. Quite a modern  structure, eh?

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With Federal Police watching over you

 photo 059-IMG_4561_zpsddf2949d.jpg

A rather interesting statue overseeing the central plaza

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On top of the hill is the first church built on the hill. This is supposed to be the Saint Michael chapel. The guide said that we can go up there but we wont have time to visit the ones on the ground, so I abandoned that effort..

 photo 064-IMG_4576_zps22ed510f.jpg

The chap who architected this new Basilica (with a capacity of 10k) is the same chap who also built the Museum of Anthropology. Good…

 photo 067-IMG_4585_zpse977c9d8.jpg

On the old Basilica, a stone representation of the Virgin 

 photo 071-IMG_4597_zps5a7de367.jpg 

The frontage of the old Basilica is a bit dirty..but looks quite fine..

 photo 075-IMG_4609_zps55cf696f.jpg

The plaza was crowded with pilgrims

 photo 078-IMG_4617_zps2fef2793.jpg  photo 082-IMG_4627_zpsa8dd90f4.jpg 

The statue of Pope John Paul II. This statue was made of the various keys and brass bits left by pilgrims over the years.

 photo 081-IMG_4623_zps6747a085.jpg  photo 083-IMG_4630_zpsc9b0e5a8.jpg

See what I mean? Fine work. The rain spouts were quite interesting as well, looked like cannons!

 photo 085-IMG_4636_zps00c0a367.jpg photo 086-IMG_4639_zps0a3eecbe.jpg

They have done some good work with the stone but as you can see, the Basilica leans all over the place. Remember that Mexico City has been built on a lake and its not really the right foundation for stone buildings. More on this later.

 photo 088-IMG_4645_zps1597bdca.jpg

The stone flags have been polished smooth with the millions of pilgrims here..

 photo 089-IMG_4647_zps56936c34.jpg

This is a kind of an open air altar…

 photo 090-IMG_4651_zps90af4a42.jpg

Looking at the modern basilica



 photo 093-IMG_4660_zps5bc913e9.jpg photo 092-IMG_4657_zpse4d9256a.jpg

So this is what you see with the old Basilica and couple of more chapel

 photo 095-IMG_4665_zpsf15874d3.jpg 

See what I mean by buildings leaning all over?

 photo 096-IMG_4669_zpsc4da029f.jpg  photo 097-IMG_4671_zps91c072cf.jpg photo 098-IMG_4675_zps09ceb93b.jpg photo 099-IMG_4678_zpsaf8accf7.jpg

Various assorted statues on the facade, observing the virgin..

 photo 102-IMG_4686_zps26c7d1ef.jpg

The bell tower..

 photo 103-IMG_4690_zps81c72985.jpg

I kept on feeling wanting to give the walls a bit of a scrub.

 photo 116-IMG_4729_zps24702914.jpg

More latin text but you can see how ancient is this building, worn away works of art..



 photo 118-IMG_4735_zpsf73e352c.jpg  photo 119-IMG_4737_zps69487295.jpg

Couple of plaques on the wall. Presumably how the Virgin appeared in front of Juan and then how the cloak was shown to the Bishop..

 photo 120-IMG_4741_zps8355ac3b.jpg 

A brass statue of the famous Eagle eating the snake and the foundation of the Mexica Empire..

 photo 121-IMG_4744_zpscb2e2b90.jpg 

I enter into the Old Basilica

 photo 122-IMG_4747_zps1e32bd4b.jpg 

A fascinating statue but more on this later on.

 photo 124-IMG_4752_zpsdbbdc088.jpg 

I move down the left

 photo 125-IMG_4755_zps111ecc5f.jpg

This looked like a scene right out of Lord of the Rings..with streamers of brightly coloured ribbons

 photo 129-IMG_4768_zps28d3788d.jpg photo 130-IMG_4770_zpsa7bdc163.jpg

I still don't understand what’s with the red flame on top of Jesus’s head..

 photo 132-IMG_4777_zps0221637a.jpg 

A massive painting on the wall.

 photo 134-IMG_4782_zps1d5df8e7.jpg 

The altar is a work of art all right

 photo 135-IMG_4785_zpsaf85277e.jpg 

One of the side chapels

 photo 139-IMG_4797_zps45f251a7.jpg 

The organ

 photo 140-IMG_4800_zps188413bd.jpg 

The wooden side door, very well made.

 photo 147-IMG_4821_zps54cba114.jpg  photo 148-IMG_4825_zps3a070032.jpg

Looking up at the altar

 photo 150-IMG_4830_zpsd1d63beb.jpg  photo 164-IMG_4872_zps49835d53.jpg

The cupola is richly decorated..

 photo 153-IMG_4839_zps5cd6d13d.jpg

What on earth is this? why here? something to do with abortion????

 photo 154-IMG_4843_zps91fbed39.jpg 

Don Antonio..

 photo 157-IMG_4852_zps16f4c152.jpg 

The virgin appearing in front of conversions of the Indians..I was struck thinking about the issue with conversions in India and how that’s causing all kinds of ructions. Painting by Felipe Guierrez in 1894

 photo 177-IMG_4918_zpsd3df048a.jpg

hotline to God?

 photo 180-IMG_4927_zps31d9eb9c.jpg

the pillars were showing their age

 photo 186-IMG_4944_zps5e80e38c.jpg 

I move into the next church…squashed between the two other churches.

 photo 187-IMG_4948_zps75a4e8b0.jpg  photo 188-IMG_4954_zps78bfde8d.jpg photo 189-IMG_4957_zps9a762ad1.jpg photo 190-IMG_4959_zpscac9f82a.jpg

The sides of the old Basilica and this chapel are highly decorated

 photo 191-IMG_4963_zpsecd61403.jpg 

Adoration of the Magi? not clear..

 photo 193-IMG_4969_zps6dca26c2.jpg 

A brass statue of what looks like a Papal statue..

 photo 194-IMG_4972_zpsfe19acbd.jpg

More pilgrims..

  photo 197-IMG_4981_zpsc00d73f2.jpg  photo 196-IMG_4977_zps3d80570a.jpg

The doorway is framed by these two Bernini style columns.

 photo 198-IMG_4983_zps3710f1bf.jpg 

I enter into this church

 photo 201-IMG_4992_zpscefd4de9.jpg 

Very very richly decorated…tiny church but very magnificently decorated. I am impressed.

 photo 202-IMG_4996_zps0759fafb.jpg 

a painting of the Virgin is on one side of the chapel

 photo 203-IMG_4998_zps1897d5e3.jpg 

the roof is very richly carved with murals and gilt work

 photo 204-IMG_5002_zps2b2071f6.jpg 

Juan Pablo on the other side.

 photo 206-IMG_5007_zps345fdeba.jpg  photo 207-IMG_5010_zpsd4817fed.jpg

The Choir wooden work is exquisite. 

 photo 209-IMG_5017_zpsd6f8ef27.jpg

And the silver altar

 photo 211-IMG_5023_zpsb6c6ce7e.jpg 

With what looks like a wooden statue of the Virgin

 photo 221-IMG_5058_zpsec171aa8.jpg

Walking back out of the church. See the building lines on the side, all over the place, lol.

 photo 227-IMG_5077_zpsce8a9f38.jpg 

I peek into the next church but I am running out of time..

 photo 230-IMG_5086_zps311078d8.jpg

so after a last peek I head back to the guide

 photo 231-IMG_5089_zps9cd328e8.jpg

who is waiting for me outside the new Basilica

 photo 237-IMG_5106_zps4243ca5a.jpg 

we head towards the entrance of the main Basilica

 photo 238-IMG_5109_zpsd90d101e.jpg

Why does the film Omen pop into my head when I see this? 

 photo 239-IMG_5112_zps2960b4a8.jpg  photo 240-IMG_5116_zpsbbe47f11.jpg



 photo 241-IMG_5123_zpse928e44e.jpg

Got myself blessed..nice

 photo 243-IMG_5127_zps6c40527c.jpg

I enter into the huge church

 photo 246-IMG_5137_zpse8c6923c.jpg

With flags of the world

 photo 248-IMG_5145_zpsbaff13f5.jpg

And we go down…there are 2 moving pavements in front of the painting

 photo 249-IMG_5149_zps8067dfd4.jpg 

There she is

 photo 250-IMG_5151_zpsfd7bd9eb.jpg 

Amazing, still so fresh after 500 odd years

 photo 251-IMG_5155_zps34e726b5.jpg 

She has been mounted out of harm’s way…some anti clerical muppet tried to blow it up about a century back

 photo 255-IMG_5164_zps356735e5.jpg

But no damage was caused

 photo 260-IMG_5182_zps21f9aa49.jpg  photo 261-IMG_5184_zps1a17605b.jpg photo 263-IMG_5191_zps214da600.jpg

Then we move inside and here’s a copy of the painting..closeups now..

 photo 266-IMG_5210_zpsf72efeca.jpg

we come out of the other side…you can see how the altar has been arranged with the painting visible

 photo 267-IMG_5212_zpscaec5032.jpg


 photo 268-IMG_5214_zpsd75acb03.jpg

and in the bombing which I mentioned before, this is what happened to one of the altar candlesticks..

 photo 269-IMG_5217_zps0a0b6d44.jpg 

a photo of the carnage is also hanging..

I stopped and looked back. I have to admit, I didn't feel her. I felt sad :(

 photo 271-IMG_5223_zps00396de9.jpg

I come out of the Basilica blinking my eyes

 photo 272-IMG_5230_zpsa947bf59.jpg

The dome of the old Basilica..with these amazing yellow tiles..

 photo 278-IMG_5247_zps2ad86b14.jpg

While waiting for the rest of the gang to arrive, I note these dancers.

  photo 279-IMG_5250_zps1d7656ed.jpg

Some lovely hats

 photo 280-IMG_5254_zps0faf9d05.jpg

and expressions

 photo 281-IMG_5256_zps5e7b01ac.jpg

and the embroidery was brilliant

 photo 282-IMG_5260_zps5603e39e.jpg

And then gold work as well!

 photo 284-IMG_5265_zps1a3ca8d7.jpg

And on dark red as well..

 photo 287-IMG_5275_zpsc8eabdbb.jpg

Waiting to start..

And they begin.

I still had some time so I popped back inside the old Basilica. This place spoke more to me than the new one.. photo 304-IMG_5332_zps603e3433.jpg

And I concentrated on this brass statue

 photo 305-IMG_5335_zps47a9feaa.jpg

the statue actually has the Virgin engraved on it, you can see the face

 photo 306-IMG_5338_zpsb7137b13.jpg

and then the hands

 photo 307-IMG_5341_zpsaccb1b84.jpg

And then this..a photo of a little baby girl..who is obvious ill and has been taped to the statue, obviously asking for Divine intervention. This is the power of faith. Me, i dont scoff at it, I somehow owe my life to this power of faith when I nearly died as well so all power to the little girl.

 photo 309-IMG_5345_zps83b6a7b5.jpg 

We meet up again..and a lovely lady crosses our path. 

 photo 311-IMG_5351_zps898dba84.jpg


 photo 312-IMG_5353_zps606b10b4.jpg

Pilgrims lighting candles to the Virgin.

 photo 313-IMG_5356_zps5fdcebf7.jpg 

We move down the side

 photo 316-IMG_5366_zps14823dbd.jpg

Looking back at the basilica

 photo 317-IMG_5369_zps8b3f0526.jpg

then we move into a shop where we get to have a cold drink and have a pee..

 photo 318-IMG_5373_zpsed9d4bf3.jpg

The guide handed this over to us, this side of the pamphlet shows various biblical aspects ranging from the Holy Ghost to Salomon the king, the babe in the manger, Daniel, etc. etc.

 photo 319-IMG_5377_zpsda128ce6.jpg

Fascinating stories..about how there are so many connections..this one talks about how the stars on the Virgin’s cloak link up to various constellations.

Amazing to visit this hallowed place…

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