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Nov 2012: So I visit the Pyramid of the Moon

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After visiting the palace compound, our guide took us through a little passageway and we then got down some stairs and emerged into the Pyramid of the Moon Plaza

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There are these massive structures, mini Pyramids if you will, on the side.

 photo 629-IMG_6348_zps3cdd1801.jpg

restored, of course, but the sides are steep

 photo 630-IMG_6352_zps1946c4a9.jpg

we move forward, the shape of this pyramid is supposed to echo the mountain behind the pyramid..

 photo 631-IMG_6355_zps6f6c5828.jpg  photo 636-IMG_6366_zpsfa6f518e.jpg

this one is under repair

 photo 638-IMG_6373_zps499e1ae3.jpg

I managed to drag my carcass up to the top. Believe you me, it wasnt easy

 photo 640-IMG_6379_zpseceaf547.jpg

The Pyramid of the Sun. You must be wondering how tall are these chaps? Here’s a nice graphic from Wikipedia.


Impressive, eh? So I haven't been to the ones in North Korea, Meidum, Xian, Cholula, Chichen Iza..hmmm, 5 out of 18 are left. lol.

 photo 641-IMG_6382_zpsf5bd81ec.jpg

And the Avenue of the Dead. It just looks like an air strip to me.

 photo 644-IMG_6390_zps665ddb12.jpg

One of the restored tops of the side pyramids..

 photo 645-IMG_6397_zps17da2ab8.jpg

In the middle, looks like some kind of a temple complex, you can see the altars, the entrance on the right, the pillars..I wonder how it would have looked like in the olden days dating back to 200AD?

 photo 647-IMG_6404_zpsf2f1a3d7.jpg

Coming in to land

 photo 648-IMG_6406_zps91e7edee.jpg

I look back at the peak. One isnt allowed to climb up any further. 

 photo 650-IMG_6412_zps691955f7.jpg

There are structures at the base of the pyramid. Excavations here have shown some amazing detail. These pyramids werent built in one shot, there were smaller pyramids and then others added on top of it. See here for more information. I will show you more when I reach the centre of town in Mexico City in a future photo essay

 photo 654-IMG_6424_zps945df8ca.jpg

So each of these steps indicate a phase of building..

 photo 657-IMG_6432_zpsaf3cc914.jpg

quite a wide platform here.. photo 659-IMG_6444_zpsa9113009.jpg

The volcanic rock is strange..

 photo 664-IMG_6454_zps892385f3.jpg  

You dont want to topple over here

 photo 666-IMG_6460_zps5c357caa.jpg

The restoration was only on the front, lol, Potemkin pyramids?

 photo 671-IMG_6475_zpsc5bed5d5.jpg

I cant ever get tired of this view

 photo 689-IMG_6525_zps06f89827.jpg

Check out the folks climbing. It is a very very steep climb. Almost 70 degrees or so with steps at least 18-24 inches in height.              

 photo 692-IMG_6535_zpsb4c3843e.jpg

The surroundings are quite lush and verdant

 photo 694-IMG_6538_zpsf1a7c7e1.jpg  photo 703-IMG_6564_zps0c0e53ad.jpg

I couldn't climb up or down without having to hold the guide ropes..

 photo 704-IMG_6568_zps662395c2.jpg photo 705-IMG_6571_zps35069648.jpg 

See how steep the climb is? And all i felt was, the designers only want you to climb, coming down is easy, they just push you off, heh.

 photo 707-IMG_6573_zpsad0503fd.jpg

Down on terra firma

 photo 710-IMG_6580_zpsbc57f93f.jpg

Somebody sitting and being highlighted

           photo 720-IMG_6598_zps3b4c34ca.jpg

You always have somebody

 photo 721-IMG_6601_zps027857a1.jpg

The muppet managed to climb up to the top. While waiting for the others to turn up, moved here to see a local vendor showing off the local skills.  photo 724-IMG_6607_zps8ea29810.jpg

A cactus leaf

 photo 725-IMG_6610_zpsa7cc20e1.jpg photo 726-IMG_6612_zps3b6b751e.jpg photo 727-IMG_6619_zpse53dee43.jpg photo 728-IMG_6621_zps870a840e.jpg

And just using the cactus plan juices and leaf juices, he will draw the diagram shown..neat, eh?  photo 731-IMG_6630_zps3d41a7ac.jpg

Walking down the avenue of the dead towards the Pyramid of the Sun

 photo 732-IMG_6634_zpsbe77c1d9.jpg

And I see two doggies..

 photo 734-IMG_6640_zpsc151b828.jpg

The route was lined by these chaps selling all kinds of stuff. I didnt want to buy anything, knowing that I will still have to climb the long way up to the Pyramid of the Sun. Onwards and upwards, my fat self.

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