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Nov 2012: Can I go over the Niagara Falls in a barrel?

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so we had some time before we were going to catch our flight back and therefore decided to pop over to Niagara Falls to find out what this was all about..

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we jumped on the train, headed up to the upper deck (I know, I know, childish, but i love sitting on the upper deck)…watching the world go by

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Passing the Rogers Centre

 photo 005-IMG_0783_zps604e022e.jpg

Stopping at Exhibition.

 photo 010-IMG_0799_zps615d052e.jpg

Passing another train, they just look brilliant, nothing like a train journey, I tell you, to get your excitement going

 photo 014-IMG_0813_zpscee66abe.jpg

Another train, they look like the boring ones

 photo 016-IMG_0822_zpsfe0aab33.jpg

Squished water tower

 photo 017-IMG_0829_zps22553227.jpg

dammit, i want frills on my food!

 photo 018-IMG_0836_zpsb07dac6e.jpg

I want to live here if I ever move to Canada, a banker living in Port Credit :)

 photo 020-IMG_0844_zpse14a907c.jpg

I am guessing these aren't igloos but silo’s..

 photo 021-IMG_0847_zpsfbc414a1.jpg

that’s a big uglyass train there

 photo 022-IMG_0853_zpse706611f.jpg

We cross a small river

 photo 023-IMG_0855_zps9e0c9372.jpg

Emily I presume?  photo 027-IMG_0874_zpsdcf746a3.jpg

The sun kept on playing hide and seek with the clouds and then finally decided to sulk behind the clouds for the rest of day, which was a shame, it would have been better with the sun out.

 photo 028-IMG_0878_zpse5c43833.jpg 

We reach Burlington and get off

 photo 030-IMG_0883_zps3c6298fd.jpg

Kiss and Ride? I want in

 photo 031-IMG_0886_zps04605221.jpg

that’s true

 photo 032-IMG_0889_zpsa7824b2d.jpg  photo 033-IMG_0891_zpsd3dfc4ba.jpg  photo 034-IMG_0895_zps5e8f9f7a.jpg  photo 035-IMG_0898_zps0599d273.jpg

We were now waiting to take a bus ride to the falls. Check out the notices on the bus to the side

 photo 036-IMG_0907_zps971ff486.jpg

some serious looking buses

 photo 037-IMG_0910_zpsd1504e22.jpg

and the advertisements

   photo 039-IMG_0916_zpsb2144c3e.jpg

We are queued up at #7 stop, waiting to get to the Falls.

 photo 040-IMG_0918_zpsd43d7c36.jpg 

So that’s what the racks are for. What a great idea, we should have this in London.

 photo 041-IMG_0921_zps39529cde.jpg 

And this, rather than those silly buttons. 

 photo 043-IMG_0928_zps9ad8d635.jpg

Thank you, I am comfortable here.

 photo 044-IMG_0932_zps9886c31e.jpg

One of the great reasons why I love North America, And some other countries like Russia and Germany and France, the amount of space they have…wide spaces

 photo 045-IMG_0933_zps01b207af.jpg

Waiting patiently

 photo 046-IMG_0936_zps05158d7e.jpg

Passing by the lake

 photo 047-IMG_0942_zpsd79970e5.jpg

Big plant out there

 photo 049-IMG_0948_zps0969c086.jpg

Ships plying the great lakes

 photo 053-IMG_0964_zpsc0d0a011.jpg

Quite a lot of heavy industry around

 photo 055-IMG_0973_zps385efc76.jpg

With electricity pylons galore.

 photo 056-IMG_0980_zps2adfab27.jpg

We pass Hamilton, I knew a girl here once..i wonder if she is still there?

 photo 057-IMG_0982_zps81d0d26a.jpg

Very disciplined graveyard..bit of a far cry from our graveyards here which are all over the place

 photo 058-IMG_0985_zpsb6f445ac.jpg

I did?

 photo 059-IMG_0987_zps41da480f.jpg

I can do with some of this..

 photo 061-IMG_0993_zps9344dfc9.jpg

I have no idea

 photo 062-IMG_0997_zps0922a40e.jpg


 photo 063-IMG_1000_zps8d6738a1.jpg

lol lol lol, somebody actually got a licence plate called as wingnut?

 photo 064-IMG_1005_zps1db8c6a9.jpg 

Passing a train level crossing.

 photo 065-IMG_1008_zpsb9cacd1d.jpg

A telephone pole, now sadly defunct

 photo 066-IMG_1011_zps4e3cae0f.jpg 

What an extraordinary combination of shops.

 photo 068-IMG_1017_zps153bf3f0.jpg 

Brendan has given up the struggle and has nodded off.

 photo 069-IMG_1021_zpsb6387037.jpg

Hmmm, now there’s a good advertisement

 photo 071-IMG_1032_zpsf1a9decc.jpg

eh? what kid got away?

 photo 072-IMG_1036_zpsafd2e603.jpg

half price wings! let me in

 photo 073-IMG_1042_zps7272f70e.jpg

personalised services here

 photo 074-IMG_1044_zps54e441f8.jpg

The signs start to appear

 photo 077-IMG_1058_zps54e8f78b.jpg

We pass the canal

 photo 078-IMG_1063_zpsf0687042.jpg  photo 079-IMG_1066_zpsc394e503.jpg

We reach the Niagara Falls and get down. Somebody is taking a quick puff

 photo 080-IMG_1069_zps7f012481.jpg

I tell you, this isnt the most inviting of places for the bus terminus. We grab a taxi to take us to the falls

 photo 083-IMG_1078_zpsecfdefc9.jpg

Hello? loads of tall buildings

 photo 085-IMG_1084_zpsa59e1e4d.jpg

And then see this rather interesting statue.

 photo 087-IMG_1090_zps9e8b927b.jpg

Finally see the falls.

 photo 088-IMG_1093_zps336a4142.jpg

And then this little unit way below where presumably one can pop down to get a closer look at the falls.

 photo 089-IMG_1095_zps53db7877.jpg

The water was roiling

 photo 091-IMG_1101_zpsf37439ab.jpg

I have to admit, it wasnt that impressive

 photo 092-IMG_1104_zpsd731fcfa.jpg

The Zambesi and other falls are more interesting.

 photo 094-IMG_1111_zps93008187.jpg  photo 095-IMG_1114_zps6eec6fc8.jpg

Peering down to see the bottom.

 photo 097-IMG_1123_zps8c883c2f.jpg

I look downstream to see the American falls

 photo 098-IMG_1126_zpsbe4466ab.jpg

Cloud of mist

 photo 099-IMG_1129_zps4ee49b8c.jpg

And then the grotesque row of hotels.

 photo 103-IMG_1141_zps31f55872.jpg

Boiling over

 photo 104-IMG_1144_zpsd7f386dd.jpg

Another view of the American Falls

 photo 111-IMG_1165_zps6365f67e.jpg

There is an abandoned power generation building down there..

 photo 114-IMG_1174_zps64c1c2bc.jpg

you can see the boiling water passing through, deep green

 photo 115-IMG_1177_zpsf8d8f661.jpg

Brendan enjoying himself in the spray…

 photo 117-IMG_1183_zps1191c798.jpg


   photo 119-IMG_1191_zps17fe46b5.jpg

the actual depth of the water at the lip isnt too much, but its the width which causes the absolute large amount of water flowing over breaking the record for the biggest waterfall.

 photo 120-IMG_1195_zps58608319.jpg


 photo 122-IMG_1200_zpsc0143a2b.jpg

very hypnotic

 photo 123-IMG_1203_zpsc1053b15.jpg

a tiny island in the middle

 photo 124-IMG_1207_zps57200c39.jpg

another power station

 photo 125-IMG_1210_zpsabbf31e5.jpg

the water levels are quite low from what I understand

 photo 126-IMG_1213_zpsb586afe6.jpg

despite that, I wouldnt want to go over this

 photo 128-IMG_1220_zps5874d994.jpg

fairly calm before the splash

 photo 129-IMG_1222_zpsdbaf267c.jpg

a sea gull

   photo 131-IMG_1229_zps68f9c8e1.jpg

Poor chap’s nose has been rubbed away

 photo 134-IMG_1238_zpsf4a41143.jpg

Coming upstream a bit more

 photo 135-IMG_1241_zps38b04614.jpg

Another view of the Canadian Falls

 photo 138-IMG_1250_zps8939e563.jpg

We started feeling hungry so popped in for a burger

 photo 139-IMG_1253_zpsb70dd9b2.jpg

my arteries were curdling at the very sight of all this good stuff

 photo 140-IMG_1256_zpse69c4912.jpg 


 photo 141-IMG_1262_zps4d309cd0.jpg 

we started walking back, the entire place is falling apart, this was supposed to be fountains and stuff, its genteel decay

 photo 142-IMG_1264_zpsff68030a.jpg

And why on earth was this called as one of the most romantic place in the world, I have no idea.

 photo 143-IMG_1268_zpscd4d0abd.jpg

We walk down to the American Falls

 photo 147-IMG_1279_zps35850599.jpg

The bridge over the river

       photo 153-IMG_1304_zpsddd379f9.jpg

The Skylon tower, we did think if we should pop up there but regretfully we didnt have much time.

 photo 154-IMG_1306_zps7609d878.jpg

a seagull floating over the mist

 photo 159-IMG_1327_zpseb4ea025.jpg

the two falls on the American side

 photo 162-IMG_1336_zps3c4428f2.jpg

There is this observation platform built on the side of the gorge.

 photo 164-IMG_1348_zps288b51d3.jpg

Looking back at the Canadian Falls

 photo 165-IMG_1352_zpsa48ce25c.jpg  photo 166-IMG_1355_zpse3559cc5.jpg  photo 167-IMG_1357_zps5133cbf4.jpg  photo 168-IMG_1361_zpsc8a14581.jpg

I wasnt sure what this was all about, its a long series of passageways.

 photo 169-IMG_1364_zps6e8d53f2.jpg

a closer look at the falls

 photo 170-IMG_1366_zpsad6f5f57.jpg

this set of falls has crumpled up much more so the vertical drop isn't as much as the Canadian side.

 photo 180-IMG_1400_zps6170574b.jpg

I suppose this will look better when its sunny with more water over the falls.

 photo 181-IMG_1403_zps4afca2c0.jpg

Not very impressive, I have to admit.

 photo 182-IMG_1406_zps8b5dcf65.jpg

King George..We now take a taxi and head back to the bus station.

 photo 183-IMG_1408_zps79280831.jpg

Just opposite the bus station, I notice this rather decrepit building.

 photo 185-IMG_1415_zps9b1c53fa.jpg

Still had about 10-15 minutes to the next bus so I decided to take a walk. 

 photo 186-IMG_1418_zps8a2ea9c0.jpg 

the window covers were all torn

 photo 187-IMG_1421_zps75e65322.jpg

Hotel Europa wasn't looking so hot

 photo 188-IMG_1424_zpscbf3bdde.jpg 

Hmmm, not very inviting

 photo 189-IMG_1427_zps11f63e7a.jpg 

You have got to be kidding me, me come and stay here?

 photo 190-IMG_1430_zps16ec621d.jpg

No rest for the urant’s

 photo 191-IMG_1433_zps74ce8585.jpg

there is even a heraldic shield

 photo 192-IMG_1436_zps7c3dc068.jpg 

you need to test the streetlights?

 photo 193-IMG_1439_zps5c047865.jpg


 photo 195-IMG_1445_zps4ab6be1c.jpg

the place is falling apart

 photo 196-IMG_1447_zps9c890ac3.jpg

Look up the street, very decrepit

 photo 197-IMG_1451_zps352c49ec.jpg 

the side of the building is even worse

 photo 198-IMG_1454_zps31db0018.jpg 

the windows are all boarded up

 photo 199-IMG_1456_zpse22cd70f.jpg

closed and bricked up

 photo 200-IMG_1460_zps3d298c44.jpg 

Ah! ha! unsafe building!

 photo 201-IMG_1462_zpsac6314c5.jpg

You can just imagine what this place would have been in its heyday..

 photo 202-IMG_1466_zps1c1e55b1.jpg

Now, its all sad and broken down and decayed and decrepit.

 photo 203-IMG_1469_zpsad8039c3.jpg

even sadder

 photo 204-IMG_1471_zpsae2f1dcc.jpg

not much new in here

 photo 205-IMG_1474_zps91273363.jpg

the pain is peeling with the brickwork showing up

 photo 206-IMG_1477_zps264980ae.jpg

long empty streets

 photo 207-IMG_1480_zps419e4ccb.jpg

more bricked up buildings

 photo 208-IMG_1484_zps6678e135.jpg 


 photo 209-IMG_1487_zps1921b20c.jpg

nature is slowly taking over

 photo 211-IMG_1494_zps0e7a5112.jpg

oh! hello?

 photo 212-IMG_1498_zps165379d5.jpg 

A black squirrel..

  photo 214-IMG_1504_zpsbe6e375c.jpg photo 213-IMG_1502_zpseee0c696.jpg

Sad or what? 

 photo 216-IMG_1511_zps1e0b1fc0.jpg

I walk down the block

 photo 217-IMG_1514_zps75e77743.jpg

This looks something out of a Frankenstein movie.

 photo 218-IMG_1516_zps4d4b59ae.jpg 

its on the corner

 photo 219-IMG_1519_zps37ca9bbd.jpg

the bridges are in dire danger of rusting and falling down

 photo 221-IMG_1525_zpsc47a8063.jpg

see? the concrete is peeling

 photo 224-IMG_1538_zps2863e3a0.jpg

massive blocky construction

 photo 225-IMG_1541_zps56f7ccd3.jpg 

solid doors but now decayed

 photo 226-IMG_1543_zps83b695bb.jpg

very sad

   photo 228-IMG_1549_zps25bcbd64.jpg 

the roof is caving in..

 photo 230-IMG_1556_zps25d5b2c1.jpg

big holes all over the place

 photo 232-IMG_1562_zps4a260fbc.jpg photo 231-IMG_1559_zpsf862ad4f.jpg

windows boarded up, at one time, this should have been seriously good.

   photo 234-IMG_1567_zps88bf5273.jpg  photo 235-IMG_1572_zps5906de23.jpg

A Canadian Government Office.

 photo 238-IMG_1580_zps7c6ea1c0.jpg

I turn the corner

 photo 239-IMG_1582_zpsb64f467d.jpg

And there’s the hotel again

 photo 240-IMG_1585_zps595f219d.jpg

nice club

 photo 241-IMG_1589_zps8318773d.jpg  photo 242-IMG_1592_zpseecfb840.jpg

graffiti is spreading across the building.

 photo 243-IMG_1595_zps68d057db.jpg

the air conditioning units are starting to rust

 photo 244-IMG_1598_zps67afc738.jpg 

and the walls are still ok but you can see how its starting to fall to pieces

 photo 246-IMG_1604_zpsbabd815a.jpg 

the street lights have lost their cover and bulbs

 photo 247-IMG_1607_zps4dff0be7.jpg 


 photo 248-IMG_1609_zps8b701b7c.jpg

and the advertisements are shouting about another hotel..

 photo 249-IMG_1613_zpsdb3a0de7.jpg 


 photo 251-IMG_1618_zps6a5b2870.jpg

a school bus passes us by

 photo 252-IMG_1622_zps4f3014e2.jpg

the dumpster is collecting rubbish

 photo 254-IMG_1627_zpsaac12be4.jpg

no standing? why not? where else can we stand? 

 photo 255-IMG_1631_zps024279fd.jpg

an armoured car..

 photo 256-IMG_1637_zpsd0a516ac.jpg

we get into the bus

 photo 258-IMG_1655_zps8d6a367f.jpg

And drive back

 photo 260-IMG_1664_zps64bc004a.jpg

Passing the canal

 photo 261-IMG_1670_zps14eb0a76.jpg

and a big rubbish dump

 photo 263-IMG_1679_zpsaa3317ef.jpg

Wassup Haters???loollll

 photo 265-IMG_1684_zps839e8b31.jpg

We reach the Burlington Station

 photo 266-IMG_1687_zpsc503ff30.jpg  photo 267-IMG_1690_zpsa696da4e.jpg

Ok, I am warned

 photo 269-IMG_1697_zps020e28c4.jpg

Waiting for the train

 photo 270-IMG_1699_zps1c90b7b5.jpg  

still waiting for the train

 photo 273-IMG_1710_zpse2717379.jpg

man o man, those sleepers are heavy duty

 photo 274-IMG_1712_zpsc6e7e130.jpg 

there are different levels as the entrance to the trains are stepped..for the disabled

 photo 277-IMG_1721_zpsbdb6f2c5.jpg 

when will the train come?

 photo 278-IMG_1724_zpsba1a9995.jpg


 photo 279-IMG_1726_zps551f227d.jpg

even the birds are waiting

 photo 280-IMG_1730_zpscf9e2546.jpg

you cannot stop nature..

 photo 281-IMG_1732_zps49a98c70.jpg 

i step down on the train track

 photo 283-IMG_1739_zps23ba559d.jpg 

looking both ways

 photo 284-IMG_1741_zps29195f5c.jpg photo 285-IMG_1745_zps51546f50.jpg

shoots of life

 photo 287-IMG_1751_zpse1fdbf9c.jpg

the platform is nice

 photo 288-IMG_1756_zps51d06c53.jpg 

and then the train arrives

 photo 289-IMG_1765_zpsebe0a4f1.jpg

gosh its big

 photo 291-IMG_1772_zps70fa9511.jpg

and there’s the end of our journey…we head back to Toronto..nice day..

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