Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Nov 2012: Walking the streets of Mexico City #1

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So finished work and then grabbed my camera..view of the mountains

 photo 002-IMG_1268_zps67cc53ba.jpg 

and the buildings

 photo 003-IMG_1271_zpse7fe4fed.jpg

and i head out of the room

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a little bowl of coffee beans…in front of the lift. what for?

 photo 005-IMG_1277_zpsbb701465.jpg

a little home away from home?

 photo 006-IMG_1279_zpsb4525353.jpg 

the entire avenue is lined by these rather squashed statues…

 photo 007-IMG_1286_zpsb73452ba.jpg

a homeless chap with his worldly belongings on a wheelchair. Sad.

 photo 008-IMG_1289_zpse9daf9db.jpg

it was surprising to see the number of people homeless in this area

 photo 010-IMG_1294_zps7cf5246b.jpg 

I reach the angel of Independence

 photo 011-IMG_1297_zpsba3f9994.jpg  photo 012-IMG_1301_zps33cd4c18.jpg

nice statue

 photo 013-IMG_1307_zpsf6787303.jpg

there is a demonstration of some sorts

 photo 014-IMG_1312_zps586c6519.jpg

and the obligatory police car

 photo 015-IMG_1316_zps7aa734c4.jpg

ah! Gaza. I must have known.

 photo 016-IMG_1322_zps02376c6a.jpg

nice looking ladies…waving the Palestinian flag

 photo 017-IMG_1325_zpse2732ead.jpg

And there it was, the star of david, Ya Basta Israel…with bloody arms

 photo 018-IMG_1328_zps3c664d05.jpg

nicely done

 photo 019-IMG_1331_zpscaf9b01a.jpg

and heh, the swastika is the wrong one…wrong direction and the fact that they are associating with Nazism immediately plonked this entire exercise into the amusement category. Morons.

 photo 020-IMG_1333_zpsf4ee99a9.jpg


 photo 021-IMG_1336_zps29430b46.jpg

the monument has some monumental figures..

 photo 022-IMG_1340_zpsff64e6e9.jpg 

more flag waving

 photo 023-IMG_1343_zps41b0b1bc.jpg

Allah wont save Palestine. If its happening and Allah is all powerful, then presumably the situation in Palestine is his design? :P

 photo 025-IMG_1350_zpsd002256d.jpg

and the scarf :)

 photo 026-IMG_1356_zps5997c069.jpg

this time the swastika is the right way but its supposed to be tilted…

 photo 027-IMG_1358_zpsb3b8df27.jpg

she is looking pensive

 photo 028-IMG_1361_zps4ecb5b78.jpg 

smiling at something…

 photo 030-IMG_1373_zps091b3041.jpg

i climb up the stairs

 photo 031-IMG_1376_zps670d6eea.jpg

with somebody drawing on the steps

 photo 032-IMG_1378_zps16b207fd.jpg

Im glad to see the back of it?

i move along..

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