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Nov 2012: I reach the end of the walk and find Christ


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I walk on from the Museum of Revolution, that’s an interesting sculpture.

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I reach the Hidalgo intersection.

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On the left is the ex Convent of de San Hipolito while on the right is the Inglesia San Judas Tadeo Church

 photo 05-IMG_1807_zps2560d32e.jpg

Its now a celebration hall.

 photo 06-IMG_1811_zpsc0bbc6b8.jpg

I walk down the church after crossing the street, no mean feat…bloody traffic

 photo 07-IMG_1814_zps50c2b05c.jpg 

even at this late hour, it was full of worshippers.

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I sat down for a bit and felt peace, it is a nice place, very calm. Simple. But I was curious about St. Judas. I got seriously confused with Judas Iscariot. Only now that I figured out that he was somebody else, called as Judas Thaddeus.

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I come out and notice these absolutely beautiful carvings on the front.

 photo 10-IMG_1822_zps9b0c9307.jpg

light flaring on the steeples.

 photo 11-IMG_1824_zps71f19637.jpg 

this is extraordinary carving

 photo 12-IMG_1828_zpsc73ee1a9.jpg 

unfortunately not well maintained…

 photo 13-IMG_1831_zpsb1f10168.jpg 

taking another peek at the steeple

 photo 14-IMG_1834_zpsccac5ade.jpg

move to the side…

 photo 15-IMG_1837_zps64909b0c.jpg 

the towers are covered with what looks like tiles.

By this time, I am dead tired, it was a very long walk, about 6kms or so, and i had to walk back now, so headed back.

 photo 16-IMG_6254_zps9c471444.jpg 

next day heading to work, there’s the angel

 photo 19-IMG_6262_zps9a7ddede.jpg

another view of the city

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Damn witches, leaving their vehicles parked willy nilly all over the place.

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