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Oct 2012: Walking in the forest

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So we decided to go for a walk. While waiting for the flock to get together, I took some photo’s of the green. Deep autumn and the leaves have piled up

 photo 02-IMG_0005_zpsa176e307.jpg

Lovely sunny day here

 photo 04-IMG_0011_zps78b85623.jpg 

The few leaves are desperately clinging to the twigs

 photo 07-IMG_0020_zpsa4f6e281.jpg

rivers of leaves

 photo 08-IMG_0023_zpse316abb3.jpg

with some rivulets heading into the house

 photo 09-IMG_0032_zps786b6849.jpg

an old car, dressed up for a wedding I guess

 photo 10-IMG_0037_zps7e9cace8.jpg

While heading into the common, I noticed this ruin

 photo 11-IMG_0040_zps6e48b6a6.jpg

pretty bad state

 photo 12-IMG_0043_zps3db92c6f.jpg

i dont think this can be repaired.

 photo 13-IMG_0046_zps9888ff58.jpg

the windows are all damaged

 photo 14-IMG_0049_zps003a215b.jpg

the ground is overgrown

 photo 15-IMG_0052_zps6f492cf0.jpg

nothing seems to be left inside other than some scrap

 photo 16-IMG_0058_zps43123e0c.jpg

the brickwork is fine

 photo 17-IMG_0062_zps135003f6.jpg

but the roof has caved in..ouch. one day this was a happy house, filled with the sounds of playing children, women humming and men slouched on the couch..and now its silent with rodents and other forest animals in the depths of this broken down ruin.

 photo 18-IMG_0065_zpse59872ed.jpg

a tree trunk hole

 photo 19-IMG_0068_zps83702198.jpg 

we walk down the path

 photo 20-IMG_0071_zps8438e68a.jpg

and then notice this wonderful tree

 photo 21-IMG_0074_zpse0fbec86.jpg

blaze of red

 photo 22-IMG_0077_zps58d92d77.jpg

its actually in somebody else’s grounds

 photo 23-IMG_0083_zps32810cab.jpg

the leaves have covered the ground

 photo 24-IMG_0086_zpsc81e5a29.jpg

Mum wondering what I am doing with the camera

 photo 25-IMG_0091_zps404e8015.jpg 

And warning me if I dare to put up any pics without her say so..

 photo 26-IMG_0095_zps7d3852ef.jpg 

Im the princess of all that I survey

 photo 27-IMG_0100_zps417df740.jpg

the nice morning sunlight filtering through the trees

 photo 29-IMG_0112_zpsaaeab506.jpg

I am the forest nymph

 photo 33-IMG_0125_zps9d19ef0f.jpg

Highlighted leaves

 photo 35-IMG_0133_zps6785dea6.jpg

crystal clear wood pool with leaves floating

 photo 36-IMG_0136_zps9d736d4f.jpg

an uprooted tree

 photo 38-IMG_0146_zps37e4b9c0.jpg

a white mushroom

 photo 39-IMG_0148_zps9e79f0ef.jpg

Baba walking up ahead

 photo 41-IMG_0168_zps80fc8a68.jpg

my fingers are frozen. While diya giggles away

 photo 42-IMG_0169_zps2725e1c6.jpg

Walking up the paths

 photo 43-IMG_0178_zps9750397c.jpg

you cant actually see the path

 photo 44-IMG_0182_zps67009876.jpg

a tiny rivulet flows down the little slope

 photo 45-IMG_0185_zpsced0f3bd.jpg

Baba and Diya…

 photo 50-IMG_0217_zps0a159346.jpg

Come on, you slow pokes

 photo 51-IMG_0221_zps6699c3fa.jpg

And then both of them decided to leave us behind while they hared off into the distance

 photo 53-IMG_0227_zpse8d829c1.jpg

the weather was really beautiful

 photo 56-IMG_0242_zps4fec0608.jpg 

Baba cutting a determined figure in the woods

 photo 58-IMG_0254_zps2815862f.jpg

are those shadows or just the colouration of the beech tree?

 photo 59-IMG_0259_zps6ba9bf4e.jpg 

Baba has now reached the little bridge

 photo 60-IMG_0263_zps0289f62c.jpg 

and crossed it

 photo 61-IMG_0266_zps808df0b1.jpg

and is waiting for me

 photo 62-IMG_0271_zpsa7fefbbd.jpg

a pile of mossy logs

 photo 63-IMG_0274_zpsd4c388ab.jpg

how many insects are inside there? starting their hibernation journey?

 photo 68-IMG_0297_zps5821e08d.jpg

that’s a lovely tree

 photo 69-IMG_0318_zps9b7ec51b.jpg

and observing something in the distance

 photo 70-IMG_0325_zps796107b8.jpg

come on, come on!

 photo 72-IMG_0332_zpsa3877d36.jpg

more paths

 photo 73-IMG_0337_zps2a329f35.jpg

whoa, toadstools

 photo 74-IMG_0341_zps655a1784.jpg 

rows of lovely little creatures

 photo 76-IMG_0347_zps369bda8d.jpg

Can I shelter below this?

lovely walk last autumn.

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