Thursday, April 18, 2013

Nov 2012: Clicking Toronto with my iPhone

  photo 02-IMG_0745_zpsc5636787.jpg

we went to Chinatown to have dinner

 photo 03-IMG_0748_zpsf1ca85ce.jpg

that’s a skinny house

 photo 04-IMG_0751_zps61823dd3.jpg

but some of these houses look very beautiful

 photo 05-IMG_0754_zps83c8a2c9.jpg

night time

 photo 06-IMG_0757_zpsdf7b4fd7.jpg

with trams! i want to ride one!

 photo 07-IMG_0763_zps649cf11c.jpg

no dumping, eh?

 photo 08-IMG_0766_zps85e7375b.jpg

and then there is a dump just below the sign, heh

 photo 09-IMG_6179_zps9dd1d9dd.jpg 

Here is the fire station, beautiful building eh?

 photo 10-IMG_6180_zps09f977f7.jpg 

and the town library

 photo 11-IMG_6181_zps5c23c24f.jpg 

they have well maintained it no?

 photo 12-IMG_6182_zps8cd7b64d.jpg

The library is also cute

 photo 13-IMG_6175_zpse93c6f6e.jpg


 photo 14-IMG_6176_zpsb6f3de86.jpg

Wow, two of my favourite things in one, cooking and booking :)

 photo 15-IMG_6178_zps97ea2a6b.jpg 

You naughty man, I have never kipled before

 photo 16-IMG_6184_zps297d502b.jpg 

now there’s a brave man, sleeping on the pavement!

 photo 17-IMG_6186_zps6c8bc2aa.jpg

Another view of the library

 photo 18-IMG_6197_zps7574e831.jpg 

gosh, ok ok, i will be nice.

 photo 19-IMG_1780_zps38f89116.jpg

they look sad

 photo 20-IMG_1782_zps7118e600.jpg

nice trees

 photo 21-IMG_1785_zps576bafcb.jpg

chuckles, what a combination

 photo 22-IMG_1788_zps397ad19f.jpg

say what? I dont want a sleeping dentist…

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