Friday, April 05, 2013

Oct 2012: Dancing by the light of the moon with a runcible spoon

 photo 01-IMG_0002_zpsa06e58b0.jpg

i came back home and saw a whacking big moon out there. so grabbed the tripod and went out to click some stuff

 photo 03-IMG_0008_zps8c02f21d.jpg

lovely day, my poor little lens was struggling to capture all the nice views…

 photo 04-IMG_0010_zps886e04d4.jpg

viewing the moon via the branches

 photo 05-IMG_0018_zps3e5003ea.jpg

i tried to capture a leaf and the moon but failed..

 photo 06-IMG_0020_zps707582e4.jpg

another view of the moon

 photo 07-IMG_0023_zps6d83d50f.jpg

so i zoomed out…

 photo 08-IMG_0024_zpsc179ece3.jpg

now managed to get some more of the leaves into the frame..

 photo 10-IMG_0030_zps589e3d5c.jpg

looking at the warm houses…

 photo 11-IMG_0032_zpsf82d9eff.jpg

zooming out more, and the clouds have a nice counterpoint…

 photo 14-IMG_0042_zps6aa52793.jpg

and the views of the branch

 photo 15-IMG_0043_zpsba8b33ed.jpg

panning left, the houses look so warm and inviting eh?

 photo 16-IMG_0047_zpsc79af22b.jpg

the moon is hidden being the clouds..bit hazy

 photo 17-IMG_0050_zpsc43e6250.jpg

now trying to get lamplight behind the tree

 photo 18-IMG_0056_zps1c39d752.jpg

finally trying to get both the moon and lamplight…

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