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Nov 2012: When I met 3 great men walking the streets of Mexico City #2

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So I turn from the Angel and start walking down

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This is the Monumento a Cuauhtémoc. The traffic was seriously I had to drag my fat old carcass pretty smartly to get over to the island in the middle of the road.

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This monument was made by Francisco Jimenez (the base) and the statue was made by Miguel Noren.

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Opened in 1887.

The inscription says:

"In memory of Cuauhtémoc and warriors who fought heroically in defense of their homeland. Year 1521 ". The other says: "They ordered the erection of this monument Porfirio Diaz, President and Vicente Riva Palacio, Secretary of Public Works. Year 1878 "

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these jaguars have the strangest expressions on their faces. this one looks like it just had a meal.

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this one looks like it wants a meal.

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There are 4 names around the base of the monument. These names are the allies of the king who fought against the Spanish.

Cuitláhuac, Coanacoch, Cacama and Tetepanquetzal

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the panels show battle scenes. You can make out the characteristic dress of the Spanish Conquistadors.

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the statue in the middle is that of an Eagle Warrior, more of it in a later photo essay.

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this one looks like its got a stomach ache

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this one looks sleepy, like this gent who was snoring away

 photo 13-IMG_1478_zps73cca4eb.jpg  photo 15-IMG_1484_zpscf11ffb2.jpg

more arms and armour

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Then the main statue is that of Cuauhtemoc, wearing evening dress, head dress and holding a spear. Cortes defeated him…He was killed after being tortured by Cortes. Bastard.

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These are nice statues, plumed jaguars..

 photo 17-IMG_1490_zps113915ab.jpg 

And then next to it is this ummm, skyscraper…very nice.

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Looking back east…

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a final view of the statue and gave him a salute, he died very very badly at the hands of the Spaniards. Amazingly cruel people. That said, remember we are talking about Aztecs here, at the last battle, the Spaniards were actually very few, most of the army was fellow Mexicans who hated the Aztecs

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I pootle along.

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Hello? who’s this?

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Ah! Mr. Pasteur…how nice to see you here.

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Breathing in the fumes, I cross the road

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And then here’s the statue of Columbus.

 photo 30-IMG_1531_zpsfaed9bd6.jpg  photo 32-IMG_1535_zps170f54eb.jpg

There are some exquisite panels on the base.

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And then you see the man himself. He is really an inspiration, the man, despite so many setbacks, did follow his dream.

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And I look down the Paseo Reforma, miles to go…

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