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Oct 2012: Walking in the early hours in Paris


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So I woke up at a disgusting time of 5 AM and went off on a photo walk. Even the bins were sleeping

 photo 002-IMG_0721_zps38da7a47.jpg

A giant checkerboard in the middle of the street

 photo 003-IMG_0723_zps90139bb8.jpg

long empty streets

 photo 004-IMG_0730_zps00500e36.jpg 

nice little door

 photo 005-IMG_0732_zps2e6f5c8d.jpg

Le President?

 photo 006-IMG_0740_zps7acbfa9d.jpg 

I finally see a car but check out the sky…

 photo 008-IMG_0745_zps044f3f77.jpg

that’s a strange window, what’s the point of those grills?

 photo 009-IMG_0749_zps4c7d9cde.jpg 

Another imposing door

 photo 011-IMG_0756_zpsc096da51.jpg

Not quite sure what this is

 photo 012-IMG_0759_zpse5fbc851.jpg

still quiet, with lights disappearing down the street

 photo 013-IMG_0763_zps51af1cca.jpg

I like these subway ventilation exit type of structures in the middle with advertisements, an interesting piece street architecture

 photo 014-IMG_0766_zps351c3e49.jpg

this is one of the reasons why I love going out early morning, you see the city without the poxy humans, lol

 photo 015-IMG_0769_zpsa7e5331a.jpg

a living wall of green colour

 photo 016-IMG_0773_zps5111f5f5.jpg 

Another massive door

 photo 017-IMG_0778_zpsf20752b6.jpg

looking a bit dodgy

 photo 018-IMG_0781_zps0365dd2f.jpg 

I wonder what the ship decal on the top stands for?

 photo 019-IMG_0784_zps1291e29f.jpg 

Another long empty street

 photo 020-IMG_0787_zps5fdf82ca.jpg 

Whoa, these chaps must feel tired..

 photo 021-IMG_0790_zps6e38ee77.jpg

nice hippo

 photo 022-IMG_0793_zps23e7e10e.jpg

bins lined up..

 photo 023-IMG_0796_zpsd1ac58f6.jpg

the entrance to a parking lot. Paris has quite a lot of these little lots around..

 photo 024-IMG_0804_zps8e60867a.jpg  photo 027-IMG_0813_zps77d2dab9.jpg

And another one

 photo 025-IMG_0809_zps39a433f7.jpg

Another of those grand sweeps of road, gate, windows…Paris does this brilliantly

 photo 026-IMG_0811_zpse082e78b.jpg

my old stamping grounds? :P

 photo 028-IMG_0817_zps4cb8df5f.jpg

I cross the street

 photo 029-IMG_0819_zpsf3dc3d35.jpg

And whoa, here’s the old rascal’s house, the French President Sarkozy himself

 photo 030-IMG_0823_zps862e8ea5.jpg 

Pretty impressive eh? 

 photo 033-IMG_0832_zps094e83f1.jpg

the next street over from the Presidential Palace, this is the Rue de Elysee.

 photo 034-IMG_0834_zpse3a056ae.jpg

Much greener than the usual other streets.

 photo 035-IMG_0837_zps4f0f1515.jpg 

I am not really sure what they are trying to portray here..

 photo 036-IMG_0841_zps92724d98.jpg 

Another huge big door…very impressive

 photo 038-IMG_0847_zps6922c14a.jpg

Hmmmmm, what a strange store, but then, what would I know of fashion?

 photo 039-IMG_0849_zpsaa9e0329.jpg

I am peering down Rue Royale to the Place de la Concorde, and you can see the Ramses II obelix in the distance

 photo 040-IMG_0852_zps9dddfd7c.jpg

I think that’s the opera house

 photo 047-IMG_0873_zps545bbbc6.jpg

Here is the Notre Dame de l Assumption Church

 photo 049-IMG_0881_zpsf924efa0.jpg

The Rue Cambon

 photo 050-IMG_0882_zps5537d326.jpg

And then I come to Place Vendome

 photo 052-IMG_0890_zpsc27164a4.jpg

I turn into it

 photo 053-IMG_0892_zps563a6a68.jpg

Its a big space

    photo 056-IMG_0900_zps18dff47f.jpg 

This is the Vendome Column, modelled after Trajan’s Column, to celebrate the Battle of Austerlitz. 425 bronze panels circle up..cast from bronze cannons captured at the battle. And at the top of is Napoleon himself. This column has come down and then went up again..

 photo 058-IMG_0907_zps59c34187.jpg 

Nice sculpture

 photo 060-IMG_0916_zps159364b3.jpg

The Neon Lights give a strange colour on the panels.

 photo 061-IMG_0919_zps0583f02b.jpg 

pretty awesome

 photo 062-IMG_0922_zps88c0c5e1.jpg

not very clear about the details, could do with a bit of scrub. 

 photo 068-IMG_0939_zpsc82d0ba2.jpg

Looking back at where I came from.

 photo 069-IMG_0943_zps0a7f3121.jpg

Dog poo, damn city is full of it

   photo 071-IMG_0949_zps378d7fe2.jpg

A last view of the column

 photo 072-IMG_0952_zps57307009.jpg

 She was a communist and member of the French Resistance, she was captured and transported to Auschwitz and died there. Hats off to you lady.

 photo 073-IMG_0955_zps2b8893d4.jpg 

Paris’s bike scheme

 photo 074-IMG_0959_zps608a0d8b.jpg 

And another street..

 photo 078-IMG_0970_zps51c7e6ac.jpg 

The opera junction

 photo 080-IMG_0976_zpscae36b11.jpg

All over the place, I make a bee line towards the library..Walking up the Rue des Petits Champs

 photo 082-IMG_0982_zpsc8902958.jpg

Alimentation Japanese? hmm

 photo 085-IMG_0991_zpscbc29fa9.jpg


 photo 086-IMG_0994_zps211b9186.jpg

Rue de Richelieu. What a man.

 photo 087-IMG_0997_zps738adbd5.jpg

The entrance to the library…you could smell the books when you walked this street, what a lovely place to live.

 photo 091-IMG_1009_zpsbc5d8339.jpg

Palais Royal. The Cardinal Richelieu lived here and then after that, Anne of Austria lived here.

 photo 094-IMG_1018_zpsc2124055.jpg

The walls talked to me.

 photo 095-IMG_1021_zps7a188152.jpg  

Long corridors of the Palace.

 photo 098-IMG_1030_zpsbe9946bc.jpg 

Very long

 photo 099-IMG_1033_zps33bbf9aa.jpg

Some parts of the floor have some lovely mosaics

 photo 100-IMG_1039_zps726172f5.jpg  photo 101-IMG_1042_zps71b2d5e0.jpg

And some have vagrants..sad…

 photo 108-IMG_1060_zps1888d65b.jpg

I emerge into the Rue Valois and in front of the Louvre

 photo 109-IMG_1063_zps2bb5e8f9.jpg  

Looking back

 photo 112-IMG_1073_zps1f7660d7.jpg

I start walking down the Rue de Rivoli

 photo 195-IMG_6086_zpsc688609f.jpg

A gift shop

 photo 116-IMG_1083_zpsb694199b.jpg

A lovely building

 photo 117-IMG_1087_zps9259c397.jpg   


 photo 121-IMG_1099_zps7e3d3bcb.jpg  photo 122-IMG_1102_zpsdcb7bd0b.jpg

An entrance to the metro..

 photo 124-IMG_1109_zps87856f76.jpg


 photo 125-IMG_1111_zps8db83c21.jpg  

a passage of laughs?

 photo 128-IMG_1116_zps1f123dbd.jpg 

Keep walking back

 photo 133-IMG_1133_zpsb7c309b3.jpg 

A lovely little fountain.

 photo 134-IMG_1136_zps7c266fa7.jpg

Frey Wille? hmmm

 photo 135-IMG_1139_zps79c4cc89.jpg 


 photo 136-IMG_1140_zps972c6ae5.jpg

Walking past the gardens

 photo 137-IMG_1143_zpsa78620a8.jpg

Long way to go

 photo 138-IMG_1147_zps48afe9e1.jpg

The golden statue of Joan de Arc

 photo 141-IMG_1156_zpsecc4a91d.jpg

A national heroine. Although I think she was a bit off the head.

 photo 144-IMG_1168_zps27dd0509.jpg 

what i love are these passageways

 photo 145-IMG_1171_zps98eb0e5d.jpg

Baby Cuileries?

 photo 147-IMG_1176_zps10abf486.jpg

These windows are brilliant, just love them.

 photo 148-IMG_1180_zps77abf734.jpg

whoa, expensive stuff

 photo 149-IMG_1183_zpsc7ee28e2.jpg 

More lovely buildings

 photo 150-IMG_1186_zps9e252538.jpg

all closed up but should be good to see when open :)

   photo 152-IMG_1191_zps5579d325.jpg  photo 153-IMG_1194_zps008714d1.jpg

nice one..

 photo 154-IMG_1197_zps8d780082.jpg 

English Church’s!!!! in Paris! check out the shot of the shoe.

 photo 156-IMG_1203_zps61f9122a.jpg 

Walking past Place Vendome.

 photo 157-IMG_1206_zps28661d63.jpg 

More passageways

 photo 158-IMG_1210_zpsdd5c3d14.jpg 

Now why have you locked up this poor little palm tree? afraid it will run off?

 photo 159-IMG_1214_zpsbbd87b80.jpg

beautiful windows…

 photo 162-IMG_1222_zpsb64cb0ab.jpg

I reach the corner of the Place Concorde

 photo 163-IMG_1225_zpsa1599124.jpg

Ah! I didnt know…really? very nice.

 photo 164-IMG_1228_zps8b69f8f6.jpg

Looking back down Rue de Ravoli

 photo 165-IMG_1230_zpsd159d3a0.jpg

The Place Concorde all lit up

 photo 166-IMG_1234_zpsba2dce08.jpg

Hotel de la Marine

 photo 167-IMG_1236_zps0d6b5315.jpg

the Obelix

 photo 168-IMG_1239_zps9fc1ae8d.jpg

Rue Royale, which ends at the Eglise de la Madeleine. It used to be a synagogue, then a church, then something else then this and that and now back to a church.

 photo 171-IMG_1251_zps7400516c.jpg

More views of this vast open space

 photo 172-IMG_1255_zps065ddec8.jpg

I am now moving near the Avenue des Champs Elysees

 photo 173-IMG_1257_zps2e6dfab2.jpg 

down a pavement

 photo 174-IMG_1261_zps5b4234d0.jpg 

big mask

 photo 177-IMG_1271_zps1596c6b0.jpg

heading up

 photo 178-IMG_1273_zps10facb23.jpg

Looking down Rue de l’Elysee…I wonder if Sarkozy will offer me a cuppa tea?

 photo 179-IMG_1276_zpse1103415.jpg

nah, sod him, keep going down

 photo 180-IMG_1279_zps85f950e0.jpg

walk walk walk

 photo 181-IMG_1282_zpsaed8ab7d.jpg

Now I start seeing people

 photo 182-IMG_1285_zpsd57fa79a.jpg

But the main street is all empty

 photo 183-IMG_1288_zpsa4946b1c.jpg

the police are out…

 photo 184-IMG_1291_zps4488f460.jpg

 photo 185-IMG_1294_zpse280d791.jpg

traffic is present

 photo 187-IMG_1300_zps7cbc29dc.jpg


 photo 188-IMG_1302_zps3bb983ba.jpg 

More empty streets

 photo 190-IMG_1309_zps0dfbf090.jpg

A moon gate, next to the hotel

 photo 191-IMG_1313_zps6f3ac5ba.jpg

I reach my hotel, Hotel Beuchamps.

 photo 197-IMG_6088_zpsb099698a.jpg

And the day after, I see these chaps protesting gay marriages

 photo 196-IMG_6087_zpsea0b3c10.jpg 

Next to the office…I didnt know so we asked and I just looked at these people in disbelief, what a bunch of muppets.

 photo 198-IMG_6089_zpsc1bc195c.jpg

And I am now back home…what a way to welcome tired travellers back :)

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