Saturday, April 20, 2013

Nov 2012: When fireworks went off


A friend of mine invited me for her leaving do.

 photo 06-IMG_6134_zps3200f0a6.jpg

so took these pics with the iphone..nice pipes :)

 photo 07-IMG_5518_zps51315cd4.jpg

walking past the tower

 photo 08-IMG_5520_zps8c9421da.jpg

looks something like out of Harry Potter, no?

 photo 09-IMG_5522_zps12ca56d3.jpg 

looking down at the intersection

 photo 10-IMG_5523_zps34989d20.jpg

makes me dizzy

 photo 12-IMG_5525_zpsf7146bb3.jpg 

The shard

 photo 15-IMG_5530_zps2b13c227.jpg

Looks like some kind of a giant rocket read to lift off, no?

 photo 14-IMG_5528_zpsf599c9bf.jpg

London Bridge Station

 photo 16-IMG_6135_zps155505b1.jpg 

And then with the different coloured streets

 photo 18-IMG_5531_zpsbb9f5791.jpg

trains passing with multi coloured streets

 photo 20-IMG_5534_zps28978dff.jpg 

Im going to give this a miss..

 photo 23-IMG_5541_zps6b02abfb.jpg 

nice trees

 photo 25-IMG_5543_zpsf97a5f72.jpg 

zipping on the grid

 photo 27-IMG_5546_zps5823dcbf.jpg


 photo 29-IMG_5549_zpsc11d6f97.jpg  photo 30-IMG_5551_zps66a3f903.jpg photo 32-IMG_5553_zps3024ede5.jpg

this is the bikebus, very amusing thing, you sit on it and bike around the place while you get served drinks and stuffies. very funny. i took my team out once on this. just amusing.

Then the fireworks went off…

 photo 33-IMG_5554_zpsd397c4e9.jpg photo 36-IMG_5563_zps43be4b37.jpg photo 34-IMG_5557_zps0a47ec91.jpg photo 35-IMG_5559_zpsd5bca281.jpg photo 37-IMG_5564_zpsd9c4b15a.jpg photo 38-IMG_5566_zps358de218.jpg  photo 39-IMG_5571_zpsfaca6d16.jpg photo 40-IMG_5574_zps300256e4.jpg

nice time…

 photo 41-IMG_5584_zps704d68ae.jpg

walking out

 photo 42-IMG_5585_zpsa03209a9.jpg

i wish i had my bigger camera….nice place..

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