Monday, April 22, 2013

Nov 2012: Fleet of Foot, Fleet Street Walkabout

I had to go to a charity board meeting in the city and on finishing, decided to take some pics of the surroundings in Fleet Street.

 photo 01-IMG_1228_zps65c4092c.jpg 

Spiky staircase…

 photo 02-IMG_1234_zps899bdaf8.jpg

tall narrow buildings…

 photo 03-IMG_1237_zps261d697b.jpg 


 photo 04-IMG_1240_zpsb312d545.jpg 

Winged guardians of the gate

 photo 06-IMG_1247_zps14b96e1f.jpg

Hmmm, ok, ok, so you said…

 photo 07-IMG_1251_zpsafb7b3ec.jpg

a path across the heavens

 photo 08-IMG_1252_zps571cd9d8.jpg

a dirty light

 photo 09-IMG_1258_zps7f7357fb.jpg 

makes my eyes itch just watching the curves and strange angles.

 photo 10-IMG_1261_zpsab3797cc.jpg 

nice clock

 photo 11-IMG_1264_zpsa9950534.jpg 


 photo 12-IMG_1268_zpsec685b62.jpg

that is one old pub

 photo 14-IMG_1274_zpsedee4855.jpg

you can see the antiquity in the carvings

 photo 15-IMG_1276_zps1d43f98e.jpg

old old style windows, with lead holding the panes..

 photo 16-IMG_1279_zpsc57bb05d.jpg 

very nice, i didnt have much time so didnt get a chance to pop in but one day :)

 photo 17-IMG_1283_zpsf7120cf5.jpg 


 photo 18-IMG_1287_zpsd1fd52bb.jpg

very warm and inviting place, no?

 photo 19-IMG_1288_zps75a9352d.jpg 

a gothic building.

 photo 20-IMG_1294_zps726e504d.jpg  photo 21-IMG_1297_zps9f187c58.jpg photo 22-IMG_1301_zps3f748fd1.jpg

the detailing is very nice, and it has been well maintained as well.

 photo 23-IMG_1303_zps99dae827.jpg

cranes highlighting the skies

 photo 24-IMG_1306_zpsdf9c2766.jpg

every time i see this building, i have a wry smile, what’s this doing on fleet street in this day and age?

 photo 25-IMG_1313_zps6804de5e.jpg 

all leaning helter skelter

 photo 26-IMG_1317_zpsd3efacbf.jpg  photo 27-IMG_1319_zpsb454ec2f.jpg photo 28-IMG_1321_zps3d5922c6.jpg

a memorial to the Fusiliers…in the middle of the street.

  photo 29-IMG_1327_zpsa56998ca.jpg

its a gray day..

 photo 46-IMG_1416_zpsaa029e39.jpg

waiting for the train to pop in

 photo 47-IMG_1425_zpse40e5d45.jpg 

i can see you :) the mirrors on the edge of the platform for the train driver to use to see if the platform is clear of the train

 photo 48-IMG_1428_zps36c8b1a7.jpg

rows of rails…

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