Saturday, April 13, 2013

October 2012 Food and Drink

 photo 01-IMG_6044_zps480cf8d8.jpg

A heart shaped entrance to Muesli…its upside down but good for the heart?

 photo 02-IMG_6050_zps754a35e4.jpg

I managed to burn the chorizo chunks…but the chicken was delicious :)

 photo 03-IMG_6051_zpsdbde7cf3.jpg


 photo 04-IMG_6052_zps2ec6068e.jpg

and they have already started disappearing..delish!

 photo 05-IMG_6071_zpse2ef606b.jpg

the french know how to do their office lunches

 photo 06-IMG_6072_zpseb64443a.jpg

very pretty box, and once you open it up, its well laid out for two sandwiches, one dessert and water. very nice. no mess, no fuss.

 photo 07-IMG_6081_zps0b69a30b.jpg

how is that for an éclair? wow. this was in a lamb restaurant in Paris

 photo 08-IMG_6082_zps883e4829.jpg

And then this giant bomba, a kind of cake which is totally drenched in cognac.

 photo 09-IMG_6106_zpseff416fb.jpg

the amber liquid…

 photo 12-IMG_6117_zpsa3d3cd4e.jpg

Diya fixing a pumpkin…for Halloween. the insides were very icky…

 photo 11-IMG_6118_zps4a59ca65.jpg

we have cake!

 photo 13-IMG_6119_zps15766917.jpg

and the pumpkin is ready

 photo 10-IMG_6123_zps81fb9175.jpg

and Mum’s cake is ready as well, Diya is dressing it up.

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