Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nov 2012: Views from a Mexican Hotel Room

 photo 01-IMG_6246_zps51a213df.jpg 

Had to pop over to Mexico city for some sales meetings and Diya gave me Mrs. Rabbit so that I wouldn't be lonely without my little princess to cuddle :)

 photo 03-IMG_6250_zpsf4f65b3d.jpg

One of the panoramic views from the office

 photo 04-IMG_1217_zpsd40d067b.jpg

I have never seen any other capital city with so many police cars..

 photo 05-IMG_1220_zpsa55b2cec.jpg

the mountains around Mexico City

 photo 06-IMG_1223_zps95136559.jpg

the top down landscapes of cities are fascinating, you don't usually see this view from the street, do you?

 photo 07-IMG_1226_zpsaea3f432.jpg

asbestos roofs!

 photo 08-IMG_1229_zps5e73b839.jpg

nice red paints..

 photo 09-IMG_1232_zpse877b54a.jpg

these tanks aren't water tanks, I guess…oil?

 photo 10-IMG_1235_zpsbb682604.jpg 

a skyscraper under construction

 photo 11-IMG_1238_zps27fe00c1.jpg 

Angles and reflections

 photo 12-IMG_1240_zps4e38b019.jpg 

some of the skyscrapers are really nice

 photo 13-IMG_1244_zps7fb60b93.jpg 

but the pollution is something fierce

 photo 14-IMG_1247_zps24a07247.jpg

more clusters of buildings

 photo 15-IMG_1250_zps51114695.jpg

the roundabout near the hotel

 photo 16-IMG_1252_zps2dca7355.jpg

one day I will go up that mountain, next trip :)

 photo 17-IMG_1256_zps4e54f485.jpg


 photo 18-IMG_6259_zps8cf4073c.jpg

spotted just below the window, what on earth is this?

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