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Nov 2012: Peeking down from the Toronto CN Tower

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So I went over to Toronto for couple of days of sales meetings, in the evening when we landed, Brendan and I decided to go to the CN tower for a bite to eat

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we decided to take the underground, these are the tokens we are supposed to use, dinky

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waiting at the platform

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missing girl and ferociously cold evening…

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fascinating to see the advertisements.

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people are sitting around

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nice history plaques

 photo 10-IMG_0031_zpse0c33b90.jpg 

exiting the turnstiles. these aren't made for people like me and Brendan.

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We come out next to the Grand Union station and there’s the CN tower where we need to get to.

 photo 14-IMG_0046_zps61e330ab.jpg

pop into the amazing station. I love this building

 photo 15-IMG_0050_zps5ee90e91.jpg

walking to the skywalk

 photo 16-IMG_0052_zps72643fdb.jpg

passing the roads

 photo 17-IMG_0056_zpsce518f55.jpg 

and then the covered pathway

 photo 19-IMG_0063_zps7f378dcd.jpg

we pop out of the skywalk and see the skyline

 photo 20-IMG_0065_zps3a9c38ca.jpg

a FedEx van..

 photo 21-IMG_0071_zps3619b228.jpg 

the CN Tower is reflected on this skyscraper

 photo 22-IMG_0074_zps12386701.jpg 

what did they mark out?

 photo 23-IMG_0077_zpsdd681f84.jpg 

heading towards the tower

 photo 24-IMG_0079_zps92f24cd1.jpg 

there she blows

 photo 25-IMG_0083_zpsb61df0b4.jpg

we enter into the complex

 photo 26-IMG_0086_zps2454b801.jpg

walking over a railway bridge

 photo 27-IMG_0089_zps786c76b2.jpg

very cute looking trains

 photo 28-IMG_0092_zpsadac7351.jpg

we head up..

 photo 29-IMG_0095_zpsa12ef1f2.jpg

on one level are these red painted grills which allow you to see through it.

 photo 30-IMG_0097_zps2dd6060b.jpg

pretty impressive eh?

 photo 32-IMG_0104_zps3e1a1993.jpg

We walk around the gallery but its ferociously cold. Then we go and have dinner. It was ok…

 photo 35-IMG_0116_zps3f11b03f.jpg

then we come to the viewing gallery. These are armoured glass, notice how I am stepping on the metal strips? Im a scaredy cat

 photo 36-IMG_0119_zpsdbdecb51.jpg

looking down hundreds of feet

 photo 39-IMG_0128_zpsb0106274.jpg

and then I screw up my courage and step out on the glass.

 photo 40-IMG_0134_zps80fe379f.jpg  photo 41-IMG_0137_zps35047116.jpg

Standing on a glass floor 1500 feet above ground.

 photo 45-IMG_0148_zps46068ea4.jpg


 photo 46-IMG_0154_zps47198cf7.jpg

climbed into the lift and going straight can see the ground rushing up

 photo 47-IMG_0157_zpsd0a9cad9.jpg  photo 48-IMG_0158_zpsb87d7301.jpg

the colours change as you go down..

 photo 49-IMG_0165_zpsdab369d9.jpg 


 photo 51-IMG_0172_zpse5019858.jpg 

pop out of the complex and start walking back

 photo 52-IMG_0178_zpsa541c083.jpg

wow, pedestrians have signals as well :)

 photo 55-IMG_0188_zpsd91d498f.jpg

nice curves :)

 photo 56-IMG_0192_zps223a58f9.jpg  photo 57-IMG_0194_zpsd15c58f1.jpg photo 58-IMG_0197_zps03007dd8.jpg photo 59-IMG_0199_zps601ef514.jpg photo 61-IMG_0206_zps0082901a.jpg photo 62-IMG_0209_zpsd9f3b8a8.jpg

More skyscrapers…..

 photo 82-IMG_6189_zpsd72a1884.jpg

loose moose, lol, one day I have to go in there for a bite to eat…

 photo 63-IMG_0211_zps02db4044.jpg

the Fairmont Hotel, i stayed here the first time I came to Toronto. Avoid..

 photo 65-IMG_0218_zps90ac65d5.jpg

More about the history of Canadian Railways

 photo 66-IMG_0220_zps0b673b1f.jpg 

we go to catch the tube

 photo 67-IMG_0225_zpsb18a6f03.jpg 

amazing building

 photo 69-IMG_0230_zps829a0d85.jpg

talks about all the various locations it will go to.

 photo 71-IMG_0235_zps69d22740.jpg

they still have these phones :)

 photo 72-IMG_0238_zps35230f4d.jpg

Brendan cannot figure out where we need to go

 photo 73-IMG_0241_zps138d86e8.jpg 

then I got confused as well

 photo 74-IMG_0247_zps6ef6e400.jpg

the walls are getting repaired

 photo 75-IMG_0250_zpsf30401cd.jpg

there’s the train

   photo 77-IMG_0257_zps367cc385.jpg

the platform is also getting fixed, temporary lighting all over the place

 photo 78-IMG_0260_zpsc7b5c211.jpg 

long corridors on the train, very nice people on the train

 photo 79-IMG_0266_zps0bbcdfad.jpg 

we pop out, there’s the hotel we are staying at

 photo 80-IMG_0271_zps1742449c.jpg

the town library

 photo 81-IMG_0281_zps067b5dce.jpg 

an iron fountain..

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