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Nov 2012: A steaming ride

 photo 01-IMG_6198_zps386781e9.jpg

it was crisp early morning and I went off on a ride

 photo 02-IMG_5588_zps8db075d9.jpg

very quiet but sunny day

 photo 03-IMG_5589_zps9d2356c0.jpg

riding through brickett wood

 photo 06-IMG_5592_zpsfb140bf9.jpg

stopped for the 1 hour break

 photo 07-IMG_5593_zpsb540789b.jpg

the sweat on my hat had frosted over and not sure if you can see it but it started to steam up, lol, most amusing

 photo 08-IMG_5594_zps6338fee9.jpg

i head off

 photo 09-IMG_5595_zps72ca1014.jpg

riding through these paths, the wet leaves were a bit of a challenge

 photo 10-IMG_5597_zps95a1d747.jpg

lovely views

 photo 11-IMG_5598_zps1ef05408.jpg

the environs around St. Albans are beautiful

 photo 12-IMG_5599_zpsac751c5a.jpg

and you can see the sun beams

 photo 13-IMG_5600_zps3fb19f71.jpg

you feel like taking them up in your arms and wrapping them around you

 photo 14-IMG_5601_zps6f95de0e.jpg

beautiful indeed

 photo 15-IMG_5602_zps7c56b0a4.jpg

the sun was shining

 photo 16-IMG_5603_zpsbcf7df58.jpg 

more sunbeams

 photo 17-IMG_5604_zps578b0d1a.jpg

the forest floor covered with leaves

 photo 18-IMG_5605_zps1ae4d366.jpg

tall solemn trees

 photo 19-IMG_5606_zps12386186.jpg 

riding through woody tunnels

 photo 20-IMG_5607_zpsae1e1469.jpg


 photo 21-IMG_5608_zpse44620d7.jpg

it was clear, bracing and a joy to ride

 photo 22-IMG_5609_zpsa92c7c51.jpg

I reach Watford

 photo 23-IMG_5610_zps92e5c051.jpg 

the leaves had dropped off the trees

 photo 24-IMG_5611_zps714002e4.jpg

covering the ground

 photo 25-IMG_5612_zps9929bec3.jpg

the grass was all frosty

 photo 26-IMG_5614_zpscbb9d11c.jpg

not a place where I would like to roll around

 photo 27-IMG_5615_zps70061e5c.jpg

but the colours were lovely, all different shades.

 photo 01-IMG_6129_zpsbbce2922.jpg

my usual place to take a break, at the lock

 photo 02-IMG_6130_zps94809ab6.jpg

what a lovely bridge

 photo 03-IMG_6131_zps7a4365e9.jpg

this is my usual bike ride place, next to the canal

 photo 04-IMG_6132_zps3c064eda.jpg

with the rising sun reflecting on the cool misty waters of the canal

 photo 05-IMG_6133_zpsf4080d2b.jpg

lovely lovely lovely

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