Monday, March 18, 2013

Oct 2012: An ancient roman mosaic St Albans #1

So after visiting the Secret Nuclear Bunker, I took Ma Baba to St. Albans. This one is about when we saw an extraordinarily beautiful roman mosaic.

 photo 02-IMG_0294_zps0b2f2679.jpg

Parked the car and went for a walk

 photo 03-IMG_0297_zpsee8f608e.jpg

we could see the cathedral in the distance

 photo 04-IMG_6022_zps3079b8fa.jpg

lovely day

 photo 10-IMG_0310_zps156dea03.jpg

and a blaze of red.., we moved into the roman mosaic display building

 photo 11-IMG_0313_zps3e20869c.jpg

St. Albans was previously a roman settlement, this mosaic was unearthed

 photo 12-IMG_0316_zps9f0dbc1c.jpg

extraordinarily beautiful, it took 2 seasons to fully lay these cubes down in the geometric patterns…

 photo 18-IMG_0335_zps4c940f76.jpg

this was built over a hypoclaust, the roman internal underfloor heating system

 photo 19-IMG_0336_zps2dbab7ae.jpg

what they found out

 photo 21-IMG_0343_zpscabb1d27.jpg 

 photo 22-IMG_0346_zpsc31f912c.jpg

It was a lovely lovely day to be out

 photo 32-IMG_0370_zpsb02564e7.jpg

Ma pointing at something

 photo 37-IMG_0385_zpsfdb10591.jpg

the old Roman walls..

 photo 41-IMG_0396_zps73efc9c0.jpg 

 photo 42-IMG_0400_zps3be28a9a.jpg

lovely looking lake

 photo 43-IMG_0403_zpsfb8ae3c8.jpg

Ma observing the quiet day pass by

 photo 45-IMG_0409_zps41a6e6d0.jpg

beautifully laid out

 photo 46-IMG_0412_zps793ae48a.jpg

a tiny stream

 photo 47-IMG_0414_zps57f44294.jpg 

fascinating way they laid out the stream upstream

 photo 48-IMG_0417_zps4cb31ed5.jpg


 photo 49-IMG_0421_zps96e536b1.jpg

An old old inn

 photo 50-IMG_0424_zps8eedd6e2.jpg

Small piece of history..very nice.

we move on to the cathedral proper..

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